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Drafting Independent Speaking responses

Fifteen seconds may seem an eternity to some and a split second to many. Preparing for the Independent Speaking tasks requires candidates to use their 15 seconds wisely by brainstorming ways to answer the questions before them.

The key is to think of your answer in nouns or word groups instead of trying to prepare setences per se. These topics or word groups can serve as a guide as you speak through the task.

Click on the link here to see the possible drafts for 6 Independent Speaking Tasks.
toefl class notes 27042011

Would you say anything differently?

Should the breathalyzer test be mandatory by law for drunk drivers?

Should the breathalyzer test be mandatory by law for drunk drivers?

Answer here

Are we still dealing with Generation Y or is it already Generation Z?

Are we still dealing with Generation Y or is it already Generation Z?

Answer here

Integrated Writing Preview Test

Do the Integrated Writing Preview Test on pages 579 – 581 in the original and pages 604-606 in the pdf format.

Type your reply here in the comments box.

Note: You might want to do some preliminary reading before trying the task by going through pages 565 -578 (original) and pages 590- 603(pdf).


Independent Writing task – Bullying punishable by law

“Bullying should be a crime punishable by law.” Agree or disagree?

Some points to consider:

  • Define what a crime is. Does bullying fall into the category?
  • There are different types or levels of bullying, some of which may not even be considered an offense.
  • Compare bullying to other social ills e.g. racism, sexism, sexual discrimination, homophobia and so on. Is it just as despicable and socially unacceptable?
  • Making bullying a crime will send out a message to offenders that they can’t get away with something of this gravity.
  • What are the physical and psychological consequences for the victim and his/her loved ones – family and friends?
  • If the offender is underage, who will be held responsible – the parents?
  • How will such a law be enforced? Is there going to be a need for a panel of experts – psychologists, child counselors etc. to work together with law enforcement agents?

Remember: Write no more than 300 words in 30 minutes.

P.S. I am attaching an article below that talks about preventing the act of bullying in schools. It might be helpful for you to prepare your answer.

Bullying – Preventing classroom bullying

Independent Speaking template #3

This is just a template

Independent Speaking Template #2

This is just a template