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Independent Writing task – Bullying punishable by law

“Bullying should be a crime punishable by law.” Agree or disagree?

Some points to consider:

  • Define what a crime is. Does bullying fall into the category?
  • There are different types or levels of bullying, some of which may not even be considered an offense.
  • Compare bullying to other social ills e.g. racism, sexism, sexual discrimination, homophobia and so on. Is it just as despicable and socially unacceptable?
  • Making bullying a crime will send out a message to offenders that they can’t get away with something of this gravity.
  • What are the physical and psychological consequences for the victim and his/her loved ones – family and friends?
  • If the offender is underage, who will be held responsible – the parents?
  • How will such a law be enforced? Is there going to be a need for a panel of experts – psychologists, child counselors etc. to work together with law enforcement agents?

Remember: Write no more than 300 words in 30 minutes.

P.S. I am attaching an article below that talks about preventing the act of bullying in schools. It might be helpful for you to prepare your answer.

Bullying – Preventing classroom bullying