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Pronunciation challenge -extra speaking practice

This activity is aimed at working fluency and recognition of letters and sounds.

Do you know how many silent letters there are in English? Click here to go to the Voxopop discussion. In the opening notes of the group, there is a link that shows the sentences you have to record.

See how good you are at recognizing silent letters in English? 

Apps for socially awkward people

Shy, insecure, inhibited, awkward or ill-at-ease? What is the best way to meet people socially?

Read the article (click here) and:

  1. list the main features of these new applications available for smart phones
  2. say whether you would use these applications or not by giving reasons for your answer.

Post your answers in the Comments box.

Reading practice – Sentence insertion and vocabulary items

To do the task, click TOEFLiBT-TopAidetoBrazilianLeaderStepsDownAmidaScandal-Readingactivity.

Post your answers in the Comments box.


Now go here to check the answers:

TOEFL iBT – Top Aide to Brazilian Leader Steps Down Amid a Scandal Reading activity answers

Independent Writing task – Type of class you prefer

#175 – Some students like classes where teachers lecture (do all of the talking) in class. Other students prefer classes where students do some of the talking. Which type of class do you prefer? Give specific reasons and details to support your choice.

Write your answer in the Comments box.

Maximum length: 300 words

Fasting – a question of Faith?

Explain fasting as a means to increase spirituality.

Some important facts about fasting:

  1. It has roots in many religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Eastern religions, to name a few.
  2. Its general purpose: to increase spirituality and to come closer to the divine
  3. Some of its benefits include:
  • breaking attachment to material things
  • speaking out against consumption and materialism
  • quintessential¬†to spiritual well-being
  • replenishment of the soul
  • spiritual revigoration
  • escape valve from daily life

What, in your opinion, is the connection between fasting and spirituality?