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Integrated Writing Task

To do the Integrated writing task, go to the course book on page 589 (printed edition) and page 614 (pdf version). Post your answers in the Comments box.


Performance features for good writing tasks

For a good writing task, you need to consider these points:

Unity, Progression and Non-Redundancy
Responsiveness/Effective response/Completeness/Accuracy
Language Facility/Word choice/Syntactic variety/Range of vocabulary

Which of the features above you find the easiest?

Which of them would you like to work on more extensively?

Writing an adequate Integrated answer

Integrated Writing: Read a text, listen to a lecture or conversation and write

Skills needed
compare and contrast
identify the main points

The points in the reading contrast with the points raised in the lecture or conversation
A x X
B x Y
C x Z

reporting verbs: say, claim, argue, defend, explain, criticize, warn, advise, tell, state, relate, reiterate, rectify, ratify, explain, question, challenge, support, champion, uphold, maintain, advocate, pinpoint, highlight, underline, object, oppose, (contest), emphasize, raise, expound, examine, consider

Make reference to:
The author x The lecturer

The writer x The male speaker/The female speaker

The text x The lecture

Linkers: whereas, while, as opposed to, in contrast to, contrary to, though, although, even though, despite, in spite of, on one hand, on the other hand

though= although = even though (from most informal to most formal)

Although/Even though + clause

Clause, though

despite = in spite of (more formal)

despite/in spite of + verb + -ing, e.g. despite/in spite of the weather being bad, we decided to go for a picnic.

despite/in spite of + noun e.g. despite/in spite of the bad weather, we decided to go for a picnic.

despite/in spite of + the fact that + clause e.g. despite/in spite of the fact that the weather was bad, we decided to go for a picnic.

Which, in your opinion, is easier – the independent or the integrated task? Why?

Expanding topic sentences

Develop ONE of the topic sentences below into an Independent Writing Task:

1- #The disadvantages of owning a large car are many

2- #The advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages

3- #A person who lives in a remote area may face many problems

4- #Absenteeism at work causes both the employer and the employee many problems.

5- #Car accidents can be avoided or minimized if the driver takes certain precautions

6- #Computers have brought many changes to our way of life

Copy and paste the topic sentence in your comment and develop at least two paragraphs on the idea.