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TOEFL iBT and you

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  1. Political position is the most important and powerful position among all other position. Politician should be an intelligent and good powerful leading power. Moreover, Political leader should have a clear past record of his/her life.

    To begin with, if some person is an intelligent in every aspect like knowledgeably, personally, and academically that person will be able to be a good and smart political leader. Without being an intelligent in each and every aspect of the life it is very hard to handle the political position so, indeed, it is necessary to be smart and incredible in personal life and academic life of the person.

    In addition, the person who has a powerful political mind that person will be a good and influential leader of the country. For instance, my father is a political leader and he always has been success in his political career because from the initial stage he has a perfect strategy, powerful mind, and he has been involved from student life in the politics. I think that characteristic and continue practice help to success in his political life. Furthermore, to be a perfect and successful political leader, leading exercise from the bargaining and perfect and leading features are needed.

    Last but not the least, prerequisite of the leader is clean past record which means the person must not has a shady record like police case and other negative case. For example, one of the political leader in my country Nepal was a from the bad family background and he has been involved in criminal activities, likewise he made another crime at the time of making planning for the people. Consequently, he made biased planning which is not useful and good for the people but beneficial to his personal life, he corrupt the country. Thus, leader must have a good manner and clear family background as well as excellent past record.

    In conclusion, there are lots of prerequisites to be a political leader among them three we discuss above intelligent, powerful leading tool and clean past record. Political leader should be able to run the party or country in effective and efficient manner, likewise they will have to face the so many problems and they will be able to handle all the problems as well as another most important thing is they has to able to make happy to people.

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