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Integrated Speaking – Going viral


Watch the video and state the main reasons according to the speaker why certain videos go viral. Then, state which in your opinion is the most important or effective way of popularizing a video.

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Independent Speaking – The most important job

Describe a job that you’ve held and explain why it was important.

Step 1: Decide the purpose

present an opinion

explain facts in a lecture or reading

summarize someone else’s opinion

describe something of importance to you

Step 2: State the topic: I think/believe/feel the most important job I’ve had was …

Step 3: State what or why: I believe this was important because …

Step 4: Wrap things up/Conclude: Restate your thesis e.g.

In conclusion the most important job I’ve held was …

For these reasons I mentioned previously, being a … was the most important job I’ve held.

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Independent Writing – Stopping progress

“You can’t stop progress. Sometimes you shouldn’t even try”.


Do you agree or disagree with this quote above? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion in a text of at least 300 words.

Integrated Writing and Reading

Try your hand at going through TWO integrated tasks. The pages in the printed version of the book are in bold and in brackets.


Integrated Writing p.657  ex. 23.2 (p.632) – Tasks 4 and 5

Listening p.321-329 ex. 12.2 (p.347)

You can post your draft answers to tasks 4 and 5 above in the Comments box if you please.