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Speaking rubrics

The Speaking tasks are assessed by three criteria : Delivery, Language Use, Topic Development.

By Delivery, examiners understand it as pace and clarity of speech including pronunciation, rhythm, intonation, rate of speech, pause structure, and fluency.

Language Use covers range, precision, and effectiveness of grammatical and lexical features.

Topic Development has to do with completeness and overall coherence.

With that in mind, which of these features mark a full score response – 4 (FSR), and a low score response – 1 (LSR)?

few supporting details
clear point of view
well-supported reasons and explanations
ideas that progress smoothly and cohesively
hesitant and choppy presentation of ideas
little relevant content
small range of vocabulary
comfort with a variety of grammatical structures
unclear intended meaning
use of few grammatical structures
control of a wide range of vocabulary items
numerous pronunciation difficulties
clear intonation patterns
some minor grammatical problems
fragmented speech with long pauses
ease of presentation

Which area do you think you need to work most on?