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Integrated Writing and Reading

Try your hand at going through TWO integrated tasks. The pages in the printed version of the book are in bold and in brackets.


Integrated Writing p.657  ex. 23.2 (p.632) – Tasks 4 and 5

Listening p.321-329 ex. 12.2 (p.347)

You can post your draft answers to tasks 4 and 5 above in the Comments box if you please.



Urban legends

Here is the task:

Visit one of these sites and choose a legend that interests you. Take notes on the story and post your notes in the Comments box.


Reading practice – Sentence insertion and vocabulary items

To do the task, click TOEFLiBT-TopAidetoBrazilianLeaderStepsDownAmidaScandal-Readingactivity.

Post your answers in the Comments box.


Now go here to check the answers:

TOEFL iBT – Top Aide to Brazilian Leader Steps Down Amid a Scandal Reading activity answers

Reading practice – Factual and Non-factual questions

Go to pgs. 58-71 ex. 1.2 of the coursebook (click here if you haven’t downloaded the material yet).

Remember to time yourself: take no more than 50 minutes to do this.

Please share your score with us by commenting below.