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Independent Speaking/Independent Writing – Good manners

Before you answer the question:

Complaining about or showing disapproval of someone’s annoying behavior nowadays is like making a storm in a teacup: no one seems to care anymore.

Speaking your mind makes you look like the fussy one: someone who is always hard to please.

Would you consider any of these things annoying? Where would they usually happen?

  • Not using the indicator
  • Speeding
  • Not respecting pedestrians
  • Revving the engine
  • Blowing/honking the horn
  • Using the shoulder as a lane
  • Slurping your drink
  • Eating smelly food

Of course, there are many other behaviors that piss us off everyday. Here is the question at hand:

Do people from your country have good manners? Give reasons and examples to support your view.

You have two alternatives: record an answer by clicking on the Vocaroo icon below or write an answer in the Comments.

If you´re recording, don’t take more than 45 seconds.

If you’re going to write about it, write at least 300 words in 30 minutes.

If you want to do both, by all means do so.

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Independent Speaking – The most important job

Describe a job that you’ve held and explain why it was important.

Step 1: Decide the purpose

present an opinion

explain facts in a lecture or reading

summarize someone else’s opinion

describe something of importance to you

Step 2: State the topic: I think/believe/feel the most important job I’ve had was …

Step 3: State what or why: I believe this was important because …

Step 4: Wrap things up/Conclude: Restate your thesis e.g.

In conclusion the most important job I’ve held was …

For these reasons I mentioned previously, being a … was the most important job I’ve held.

Record your answer on the Voxopop group page here.

More Independent Speaking – Sample answers

Task 1
What was the most important decision that you have ever made? Why was this decision important to you?
Task 2
If you could spend a year living in any city in the world, which city would you choose to live in? Give the reasons why you would want to live there.
Task 3
What do you think of this statement?
Failure often leads to success.
Give an example of why you think this is sometimes true. Give another example of why you think this statement is NOT true. Then state your opinion of this statement.
Task 4
You have received a full scholarship to a good university in your country. You have also been offered a full scholarship to a top university in another country. Which of these two scholarships would you accept? Why?

Independent Speaking – An important decision

Here is topic question that can be used in the Speaking Section of the TOEFL iBT:

What was the most important decision you have ever made? Why was this decision important to you?

 Here is a sample response:

The most important decision I have ever made was when I decided to leave home and live in another country. This decision was crucial for two reasons

In my area of study there are not many opportunities in my city so I needed to venture out on my own to earn experience and find a job that would suit my qualifications or that would allow to apply the knowledge I would have acquired.

Being the youngest child in a large family, I was always under the wings of my parents and siblings, which meant that I always had someone spoon feeding me. I felt that the time had come for me to learn to fend for myself. What better way to gain independence than to live on my own and away from the over-protective eye of my loved ones?

These are the reasons why the most important decision I have ever made was leaving my hometown to live in another country.

Wanna share your important decision? Leave a comment here and try rehearsing your speech by recording your voice on the Voxopop group. Go to the site here.  


Independent Speaking/Writing task

What would you do? Leave your comment here and justify your answer.

Or go to the Voxopop page and leave a recording there with your answer.

Independent Speaking skills – Personal Preference language



Remember the Speaking Section of the TOEFL iBT has two independent tasks.

The purpose of these two tasks is to have candidates talk about their own experiences and give opinions about everyday topics.

The slides are here to give more insight on the topic:

Independent Speaking skills & Personal Preference language



Talkgroup » TOEFL iBT 2011 – Loads of new discussions

It’s great when students take learning into their own hands. Loads of new discussions have been posted by Priya who is really driven to score big on her TOEFL test.

Talkgroup » TOEFL iBT 2011.

What kinds of questions are asked in the Independent Speaking tasks? The examples in the talkgroup show that they can be really simple and straightforward.

So, can you suggest a TOEFL-iBT-like question that can be posted on the Talkgroup page?