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Strangely enough, the topic of online learning came up during our last class discussion. The infographic aims to prove that online is not a waste of time.

How do you feel about online learning? What arguments in favor of online education does the infographic present?


Comments on: "The value of Online Education" (1)

  1. Janio da S. said:

    The growth of online education has reached communities and groups in different parts of the world. This growth occur because of different reasons, for instance, the growth of internet users in different places, the access of computer and new technologies, and some types of disadvantages of the traditional education, such the high price when you compare with the on line education. Thus the online education present an important function, to help the spread the education in different countries and places.

    In my point of view, the principal reason that help to rise the online education in different communities is the growth of the access of the new technologies. It is supported in the infographics when the quantity of computers for each student and the quantity of the users of smartphone and iPhone apps presents a large quantity of people in different places.

    The spread of free internet (web 2.0), also helped different students to join the on line education. The internet help the persons that are localizing in distant places to participate the classes, and also to help people that don´t have time to study, to reserve a appropriate moment to study using the internet. In addition, generally the online education is so much cheap than the traditional education.

    Although, nowadays, the online education present a large importance between the students, but there are some types of courses that can´t to be offer only in the online education systems, such as medicine. Because it is so important that the students have the contact with the patient and with the human body.

    In conclusion, the online education has reached a important place in the education of different people, and probably the growing of this modality of study will continue during the years. However it is so important that the traditional education won´t be exclude or eliminate of the education systems, because the physics participation of the students is so important. Regarding this I think important that there are the balance in the colleges, with some classes with online education and other classes in the traditional education.

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