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Seize the opportunity

  1. The best time is now.
  2. Opportunity only knocks once
  3. Don’t let the it slip through your fingers.
  4. Make the most of every situation
  5. Never put off to tomorrow what you can do today
  6. Take the bull by the horns
  7. It’s your turn to shine
  8. Step into the limelight
  9. It’s now or never.
  10. A once-in-a-lifetime chance
  11. Don’t throw away your chances
  12. Don’t play with your luck.

The proverbs and sayings above all cover the same idea: SEIZE THE DAY

How do these words of wisdom relate to the current Brazil riots across the country because of bus fares (the original reason)?


Comments on: "Seize the opportunity" (1)

  1. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    The brazilian population are claiming about better conditions of life, including: good service of transports (with bus fares reduction); increase of the quality of health and education´s services; and decreasing of the corruption.

    This is an important moment for the brazilian society, because with the beginning of the protests about bus fare, other important claims are erupting. The Brazilian population can´t throw away their chance and should to fight about their rights.

    The last moment equally this occurred during the impeachment of Fernando Collor president, and was an important moment to the Brazilian society. Nowadays this moment is appearing again and it´s so important to demonstrate the dissatisfaction of the population, principally with transports service in the country.

    The bus fare in Brazil is so expensive when you analysis the salary of brazilian workers, and the jam is other problem that occur in the most part of the capital cities. These problems give much stress and in some case promote violence between the drivers, and with the pedestrians.

    In conclusion is so important that the population seize the opportunity and demonstrate to the politics their dissatisfaction with the public services.

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