All things TOEFL iBT


Have you ever heard of these techniques? 

  • Elaborative interrogation

  • Self-explanation

  • Summarizing

  • Highlighting/underlining

  • Keyword mnemonics

  • Imagery

  • Re-reading

  • Practice testing

  • Distributed practice

  • Interleaved practice

According to a recent study published on BBC, most of the techniques students use to prepare for tests are not effective – so when we think we are getting an upper hand on our studies we are actually wasting a lot of time that could be spent practicing a hobby or broadening our cultural horizons,

The question is, like anything in life, we have to find what works for us, even if that something just has a psychological effect.

So which of these techniques do you use? What other techniques do you normally resort to and how effective are they?

Which of these techniques would be useful to prepare for the TOEFL iBT?

Post your answers in the comments box.  

Comments on: "Not as efficient as we think" (2)

  1. Aline leite Ferreira said:

    In my opinion, the techniques that are useful to prepare for the TOEFL IBT are underlining/highlighting, because helps me to concentrate in the most important sentence; practice testing, because prepare myself to manage my time; distributed practice, because I can retain better the material; and read loud because I can hear myself and this helps me to retain what I m reading and to improve my pronunciation.

  2. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    When I study, principally for the Toefl test, I would rather to do interleaved practice and to use keywords mnemonics, because for me it´s the appropriate issue to learn more fast. In my opinion, the most important methods to learn in a easily and fast manner is to interleaved practice, because when you study in a frequently routine is more easy for you memorize something, and is much difficult to forget something.
    In addition, it´s so important that each person develop a personalized method of study, because each person have an own method of learning. Thus during his study life, in the high school, university and in the work, it´s so important that the person observe the better methods that gives a better results, and use it.

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