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Tests and stress


When we think about tests, here are some words that come to mind:














goals, objectives

multiple choice x discursive

under pressure

One way of doing well in tests is knowing how you react in test-like situations.

What kind of student are you in test situations?

I shake like a leaf  = I am visibly nervous = I tremble = I get the jitters

I freak out

I get goosebumps

I get butterflies in my stomach

I get white as a sheet (of paper)

I get cold sweat

I get cold feet

My mind goes blank = I draw a blank

Here is some more language used to talk about tests and stressful situations in general. Match the sentence halves 1-12 in bold with the other halves in the bullet points in italics below.

  1. I get nervous about …
  2. I get nervous when …
  3. My level of nervousness depends on …
  4. I deal well with  …
  5. I find it hard …
  6. The more nervous I get, the more I …
  7. It’s easy for me …
  8. Ideally, …
  9. In the best case scenario, 
  10. Usually when I do/take/sit a test, I …
  11. I feel grumpy …
  12. If I don’t know the answer to a question, I try not to … 

  • the kind of test I have to do
  • beat about the bush
  • waste a lot of time
  • to be concentrated/focused in tests
  • unexpected/adverse circumstances 
  • make sure and get a lot of rest the night before
  • taking tests
  • if I know I could have done much better at a test
  • I keep my cool in tests
  • to get straight to the point
  • tests don’t bother me
  • I have to give or deliver a presentation
  • stressful situations

Now tell us:

If you could choose the way you could be tested, what would it be and why?


Comments on: "Tests and stress" (3)

  1. Carolina said:

    If I could choose the way to be tested, I´d choose written test because I feel more comfortable and less nervous when I´m writing. In my opinion, when it is possible to write down your thoughts or ideas you can organize the sentences correctly. Sometimes, grammar mistakes happen but you´re able to correct it because you can read twice. On the other hand, you must to keep attention at the time and try to keep your cool in the written test.

  2. Annyeli said:

    If I could choose the way I could be tested, I would prefer an written exam because it is the best way to avoid blank minding situations for me. I organize my written test by pointing out some key words and then I write down my ideas more clearly. In my point of view, as we train our writing ability, we get used to handle with a lot of pressure and to ask question quickly. There is no way out!

  3. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    I would rather to be tested in an oral exam with the professor, because it´s more easy for you demonstrate your knowledge using the body expression, with the hands and face movements to facilitate your understanding by the professor. However, when you is tested in a writing manner you have only to write and you can´t to use other abilities to demonstrate your knowledge.

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