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Read and listen to some tips on how to improve listening skills. Then answer the THREE questions below in a continuous text in the COMMENTS box.

  1. What tips does the person give?
  2. Which of them do you find most useful?
  3. What other tip would you give to a person learning English?

Improve your listening skills

Comments on: "Improving your listening skills – Integrated task" (5)

  1. Alicia Romero said:

    In the listening the person comments that in her opinion listening skills are the hardest ones to develop. And she gaves some tips to help english students and particularly to one that write her a letter asking for her help. One of then is not try to understand every word. It is important to summarize the important information to understand the communication. She informs too that it is very useful to ask questions to the person that you are talking with she also states that people are always happy to teach someone something and that we have to try ask some simple questions like: ” I don’t understand meaning of this word, could explain it to me?”
    Another tip is to get togheter with some friends who are also learning english and practice conversation with then. And she gives a list of important websites like podcasts and on-line radios to listen to some english music in other to practice the use of english.
    In my opinion this tip would be better in a bar having some drinks what will make you fell more relaxed and could also helps you to talk more than usual. And whith some friends you will be learning while hanging out. There are a lot of ways to help somebody to learn how understand the english language when you are listening to it, you just have to choose the one that you fell more adapted.

  2. Carolina said:

    The tips given to improve listening skills at BBC site were: to have a look at English websites with activities, soap opera, podcasts; to ask someone to repeat a sentence or word that you didn´t understand; to chat with friends who are studying English, too and to listen music. In my opinion, to listen podcasts is more useful than music because the first is more formal than the second. I recommend to you to record yourself reading a text loudly. After that, play it and try to understand what you said. Finally, don´t forget to practice as much as you can.

  3. Fábio Paiva said:

    Margarida Dourado has some trouble listening and understanding what people say when they are talking. The responder gives her some tips on how to improve her listening skills. For starters, she mentions how important it really is to understand every single word that is being said. If you are not in situations like at an airport for example, you do not need to. Being able to ask questions to the person you are talking to and not being afraid to do so are also worth remembering because most of the times, people are happy to help. Then, she says Margarida should work on her listening skills at home and suggests some of her favorite websites. Margarida should subscribe to a podcast on the internet as well. In addition, she recommends Ms. Dourado listen to music in English and get together with some friends who are studying the language so that she can practice more.
    Of all the techniques mentioned, listening to music is the one I find most useful for improving one’s listening skills. You can learn a lot, relax and have fun all at the same time when you study English with music. I’d also recommend, if possible, exchange programs in countries whose mother tongue is the one you’re studying. Nothing like having hands-on experience totally immersed in a place where people speak only the language in which you want to improve. By doing that, you’re not only giving yourself a great opportunity to learn a language, but also an opportunity to learn more about other cultures.

  4. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    Amy Lightfoot give some important tips about listen English, such as, don’t lose time trying to understand every words are talked; to listen music, to see films and try to listen things that has different pronunciations and accents; and to talk with other person in english to exercise the listen and the speak. Although every clues are so important but in my opinion the most useful is to talk with others person in English, because you can train with different theme, talking about politics, religious or sports. In addition you can prepare your capacity of fast thinking, and you stimulate yourself to think fast like you do with your native language.

    There are large quantity of tips that are recommended for persons that wants to improve your listen, I suggest listen reports or comments about things about topics that you like, to stimulate the understanding, for example I like to hear reports about biomedicine area. However there is a disadvantage because you learn only about technical areas and words, and sometimes it’s important to listen about different things to learn different words.

    Don´t import what the technique that you choose to use but you always have to train and to exercise a lot, and never stop it, because when you stop to train you have minor opportunities to be well successful, because you forget a lot of words.

  5. Annyeli said:

    The person gave some useful tips like don´t worry about not understanding every word you hear. Sometimes, people from different english spoken countries or even people from various regions at the same nation has particular accent that is hard to get it. Listen carefully to a conversation and don´t understand some words does not mean that you can not communicate in english. It is necessary to get the context of the conversation and, if we have a doubt, we must ask questions about the word we could not understand clearly. We shouldn´t be ashamed to ask, it is so much better than get into en embarassing situation. As an addition tip, I would recommend to watch movies, talkshow and Tv series to get used to a day-by-day language.

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