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#61 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Parents or adult relatives should make important decisions for their (15-18) teenage children.

Give reasons and examples to support your answer in a text of at least 300 words.

Time limit:

30 mins


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  1. . Parents or adult relatives should make important decisions for their (15-18) teenage children.
    Generally, parents or relatives are the person of our family member who always does the best for us. Parents or relatives play the vital role in the children life especially in teenage time because teenager children have lack of enough knowledge to decide important decision. In my view, the important decision for the teenage children should be taken by their parents or adult relatives for several important reasons.

    The main reason is that decision made by parents or adult relatives would be long lasting. Teenager will not be able to decide their important decision effectively and efficiently than their parents. Furthermore, parents or adults relatives always do the favor of us not they ever think our infortunes and they take the decision for their children’s bright future. Thus, I believed that our parents or an adult has more knowledge and experience than teenagers and they take the good and long lasting decision for us. For example, when I was having trouble to decided my major in bachelor level, my father forced to decide accounting major which was my least favorite subject, instead of my favorite subject journalism. After finished my bachelor degree in accounting I got a job in commercial bank, now I’m enjoying my working life. If I closed journalism as my major I would not get the job and I would be frustrated. From this case, I realize that parents always think better future for their children, so teenage children should be able to understand the important of the parent’s decision which would be long lasting.

    Another reason is that parents or adult will be happy. It is our duty to make our family member always happy through our achievement and discipline. If we able to provide a chance to make the important decision to our parents they will be feel proud to their children because they always expect that from their children. For instance, my mom wanted to decide her son in law, and I gave her such opportunity to decide my life partner, I accepted her choice as my husband. Now, my mom’s choice my husband is also my favorite person in my life and my mom also happy for being decision maker for her daughter. I think this is the advantageous of important decision made by the experience person for teenagers. Moreover, parents or adult relatives has more powerful tool and they use such tool while deciding important decision especially for teenage children. Thus, parents will be happy if they get the opportunity make an important decision for their children.

    In sum, teenagers cannot take the strong decision for their life because to take the perfect decision for bright future they will not have such knowledge and experience. If parents and other responsible person make their important decision which will be long lasting for their future and consequently, that family member who get the chance to make decision will be happier.

  2. I think the parents or relative adults should not make decisions for their teenage children because, firstly, they have to learn how to take care of themselves. Secondly, it is important to children make their own decisions to develop their personality. If the adults always make decisions for them, they will never know what to do without their parents. Finally, in their age, they are able to know what is better way.
    It is essential for the teenage know how to take care of themselves. Their parents will not be always with them, so they have to learn what to do when they are alone. If their parents always make important decision, they will fell lost when they are alone and unable to think of the best way to solve their problems.
    Moreover, in that age children are already developing their personality. If their parents do not let them make their own important decision, they probably will become a problematic adults, with lot of shy, and with difficulty to solve their daily problem. They will need to call their parents to make any decision in their lives.
    The parents should know that teenage children are able to make good decisions for them. If their parents try to let them choose things, they will see that they can surprise with their choices and the away to solve problems. They only need a support from their parents to develop their skills to make decisions well.
    In conclusion, it is known that parents and relative adults only wants the best for their children but they have to encourage the teenage to think by their own, because in some moment, they will need to make decisions and their parents will not be there to help them. Furthermore, it is important to them learn how to make decisions by themselves in order to become a fearless adult.

  3. Carolina said:

    I agree with the statement that parents should make decisions for their teenage children because of two main reasons: they have more life experience and they love their children. When you are young the consequence of acts are not considered or relevant. Thus, teenage children do what they want to do without responsibility.

    A life experience gives parents or adult relatives the opportunity to enjoy good and bad aspects of life. So, if a teenage children make an important decision by themselves that will not be good in the future, parents can give examples – based on their own experience – to them about which consequences could happen if this decision were made. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

    Another point to be considered is that parents are always looking after their children. It means that parents love them and they hope that anything bad will happen to their children. Besides that, there is the legal question, I mean, in Brazil if a teenage (15-18) child makes something illegal, who will be answerable for the mistake are parents. As an example, a friend of mine that had destroyed a public dust-bin just for fun. A policeman saw the scene and arrested him. When they were at the police department, the captain called his father, who had to pay a fine and assign a paper considering himself as responsible for damage public patrimony.

    I consider that life experience and love are the main reasons that adults relatives or parents should make important decisions for their teenage children. However, ignore their desires could be dangerous for everybody in the family. So, dialogue is important, too.

    Therefore, when parents or adult relatives make important decisions for their children it means contribution and not imposition for their future life.

  4. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    I think the parents or adult relatives should make important decisions for their teenage children, principally in the professional life, because the decisions that the children get in this moment it will give results for the next years. However it´s so important that the parents let other decisions be done by the children, for example about the sentimental life.

    This age (15-18) is the time that the elderly teenagers has to decide about his undergraduate course, and this decision is so important for the professional life of the people. The adults should to give opinion and advices to their children, and talk about the different career that their children want to do, and to help him to get the better attitudes.

    It is so important that the parents participate all the time in the education of his children, and to help him to take attitudes based in the experiences of their parents. The parents has much experience about the professional life and can help their to do the better decision decreasing the opportunity to occur something wrong.

    On the other side when we talk about sentimental life, it is important that the parents or adult relatives don’t make decisions about the children, only to warn and to inform about important thinks, such as sexual comportment, pregnant, prevention of sexual diseases, and other sexual informations. This attitude is equal about to practice sports or to do hobbies things, the children has to choose what they want.

    In conclusion, the suggestions and the decisions of the parents are so important to the education and to the children obtain successful in the life, principally about the professional life.

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