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Read the article on this blog about ways parentes can protect their kids

Watch the video on what parents should allow children to do:

Summarize the points raised in the video and say how the speaker’s position contrasts with that held by the author.

Time: 20 minutes

Length = 200 words minimum

Comments on: "Integrated Writing – Protecting children" (5)

  1. According to the article, parents always worried about their children safety and they will be able to watch their children daily activities. Moreover, parents should protect their children from the dangerous activities and make stay always safe. The author provides different kind of tips and strategies to keep the children safe and always comfortable by their parents. For example, parents should discuss strangers and related dangerous activates as well as some current issues of the media news like missing children news, considering the age or interest of the children while doing and talking at the home in front of children. Similarly, author also explains the investigating and researching the children’s daily activities, friends in contact, internet link using by children, and their each and every moment which will help to find out the children’s current direction of the life and consequently, helps to make precaution about children.

    On the other hand, speaker explains the children freedom and children should be able to participate in the dangerous activities which exactly contradict the reading. Likewise, children are always curious about new and dangerous activities and if parent let to do these things children will learn so many new things. Speaker describes the five dangerous things which should allow doing the children such as, familiar with fire , drive a car, throw a spear, break DAMC, and own pocket knife. If children involve such kind of dangerous things in their life they will be able to learn and find several new innovations. From the fire, children can learn how to burn fire or process of burning of fire and if parents allow doing children can learn how to run car in early ages. In addition, tackle with the some serious problem is always easy for the children who has already involved in such kind of dangerous activities. Thus, children will be more practical in the future and will be able to manage and organize everything in their battle of the life.

  2. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    In the video the speaker talk about situations or things that the relatives should to do with their children, such as to manipulate the fire, to teach how to drive, to fix machines, and much more. This experience and the proximity the children with these dangerous things are to teach the children what they can and can´t to do, when they will be near of this dangerous things.

    This idea is so different of the author idea because they teach that the children should be maintained far from of these dangerous things, including dangerous persons that can hurt or steal the children. In addition the author said that the parents should be careful how to talk about some situations to their children, because they can scar the children.

    In conclusion, the speaker´s position contrasts about the author idea because the parents should to demonstrate and to explain about the bad things, and it is important that the children will have the experience about something for they don´t repeat something wrongs. Different of the author that you should avoid scar the children and the family are the only responsible by the secure of their children, and you have to avoid that the children to do everything that are considered wrong or dangerous.

  3. according to the speaker’s point of view, parents should definitely let their children communicate with certain kind of objects
    and situations that we normally tend to keep far from them as we worry they might end up getting hurt.however,the reading says that
    parents should constantly warn their kids about the dangerous situations they might eventually stumble upon,focusing ,with a paricular
    concern,on stranger danger.
    the speaker states that by letting them experiment “dangerous “things they might actually develop a sense of self as well as a better
    knowledge of a hypothetical object they aren’t usually allowed to touch ,of course,they could get hurt but in the end they would learn
    how to properly manage sharp things, understand them and the way they effect our lives.The reading actually seems to
    refuse this point of view by assuming that children should be kept away from danger as much as possible, especially when they are so young they cannot even understand what danger is at all,or even if they do, they could get overwhelmed by the whole situation and hurt themselves
    Furthermore,the speaker provides us 5 unconventional things we should let kids do ,for example,playing with fire as they could learn how to
    control such a misterious thing,having a pocket knife which would allow them to understand how they should manage such a sharp
    object,throwing things which could stimulate visual acurity and 3d understanding,deconstructing appliances in order to understand the whole objects
    by examinating singular chunks, or even driving a car.Instead,the reading suggests the opposite by stating that parents
    should not support their kids when it comes to unsafe situations,indeed,they should make sure their kids have listened to them and
    acknowledged the huge danger that surrounds their little lives,therefore, from the reading’s perspective,parents should prevent this by
    talking to them,making sure they got the point and informing them on who and where they should go up to if a problem suddenly comes up.

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