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It is much easier to learn in a small class than in a large one.

Use specific examples and reasons to support your answer in 300 words.

Give yourself 30 minutes to write your answer.

Comments on: "Independent Writing – Agree or Disagree?" (3)

  1. Generally, class room is the place where students will get the valuable and effective knowledge. In my view, class room should be small for gaining clear and effective knowledge from the instructor. Moreover, it is very easy to learn and teach in small class room rather than the large room, so I extremely agree with the statement that, it is very easier to learn in small class than large class.
    To begin with, gaining more knowledge in small room is always goo because there will single care of each and every student. For example, when I was in private high school, I remember every student were able to get the intensive care from every teacher as well as every subject matter. Consequently, our school was a first rank among the other same school. In this way, small class room always advocates to the befit to the both students personal life and goodwill of the school in their own field. Likewise, to get the positive familiar environment and clear understanding of the subject matter only possible from the small size class room not from the large size classroom.
    In addition, gaining the valuable and useful knowledge in effective and efficient manner from the school is only possible from the small class. For instance, I attained a one big seminar in Sydney last week as a representative from my office and I needed to take the report however, it was really hard to make report for my office because I could not able to understand from all the researchers view in the presentation. I believe this example clearly illustrates the disadvantages of the large number of classroom for the learners. Similarly, if I was attained small seminar I will be able to make a best report for my office through the class discussion and asking a lot of question. Thus, to understand the subject matter in depth it is necessary to have a small class room not the large class room.
    Last but not the least, students or people fell easy and comfortable to get the good knowledge from the effective manner only possible in small class room. Moreover, there are large numbers of people in large class room and it is impossible to fell easy and comfortable, although if we are in small room, there will be several ways to ask, discuss and make a group for team work, as a result it will be helps to get the better outcomes.
    In conclusion, small class room is far better that large classroom to get the clear and effective knowledge as well as people will feel very easy to attain a small class.

  2. Aline leite Ferreira said:

    In my opinion is easier to learn in a small class than in a big one. Although some ones say that study in a big class is better because you can know other different people and socialize with them in a small class the teacher can give more attention to the students, the subject can be explored better, and, in general, the small class is quieter than a big class.
    The first advantage in have a small class is the possibility of the teacher to know better his students helping them to overcome their difficulties. The teacher becomes more accessible to the students who are more comfortable to ask questions and thereby, they can understand all the issue presented in class.
    The second advantage is that the teacher can explore better the subject brought to class because in a class with a lot of students, every time the teacher is interrupted by some students who have any question about the theme. Therefore, in a small class the level of students is almost the same witch becomes easier to teach.
    The third point is that usually, the teacher can control better the noise in a small class. When are many people together they always start to talk each other. It´s natural of human being, especially if they are young. For example, try to imagine a teenagers after the summer vacation. They want to talk to their friends about all the news. Thus, it’s difficult to some students be focus in class and the teacher has to stop the explanation many times asking for silence.
    In conclusion, although many people think differently, studying in a small class is more productive, facilitates the dialogue with the teacher, the students can be more concentrated, the teacher can explain better the subject, so everybody wins: the students can learn more and teacher is not so tired in the end of day.

  3. Janio da Silva Mororo said:

    The education is so important in our society, and because of this should analyze the better methods of learning and teaching. The space in the class should be comfortable and friendly to give the students the better conditions to develop their knowledge. The small class provides better conditions for the teacher give much attention for all students, and there are time and space for the students talk and participate, and stimulate the embarrassed students to talk and to develop his abilities. However, a large class presents advantages, like most quantity of different opinions, and this increase the diversity of the arguments.
    Every type of class present his advantages and disadvantages, but I think that in small class, the students and professor present better results, because the students in the most part of times present little opportunities to participate of the discussions in large class, and every students can´t express their opinion, because of the little time and space.
    The small classes help the integration of embarassed students to participate of the argument and give his opinion, and the class are more organized, because of the low quantity of students.
    While large class presents a large variety of participation because of the high quantity of students, but the large number of students can become the class unorganized, principally because the teacher can´t deliver attention for all students and it promotes the loss of interest.
    The teacher should before class analyze the topic of the class and the quantity of students that he will teach, to catch the attention of students and to obtain the better learning of the students. In the most part of the classes is better work with small classes, to catch the attention of the students, and reach better results in class.

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