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#174 Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from that of your parents’? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Minimum length: 300 words

Maximum time: 30 minutes


Comments on: "What generation are you? – Independent Writing" (2)

  1. Matheus Oliveira said:

    Every generation of people was important for the construction of the history of the world. For many reason the identity of generations Boomers, X, Y, Z and others represents much more than groups of people that were born in the same decade and for this reason share values. Every generation will govern the world by their rules and this period will influence the future decisions.
    I was born in the late eighties and I belong to the Z generation. The z generation represents a rupture with the Yuppie lifestyle. The yuppie generation is the young urban professional. They believe that competition constructed the world and individual hard work will give them chances to reach their goals. On the other hand the z generation believes more in cooperative work. Collaboration is the mark of my generation allied with sutentability.
    My parents were born in the early sixties and I can classify them as Xers. The x generation was important to the world by their influence in the production and growth of countries. Moreover the X generation represents the workers that were responsables for the golden ages. In Brazil, this period was also marked by a dictatorial period and this time divided this generation. While part of them support this statement other fight against it.
    The diferences between my generation and my parent’s is that they already marked the world history. On the other hand mine is going to reach important roles now. It is important to remember the good characteristics of older generations like hard work. But it is also necessary to improve those qualities. The inclusion of the sutentable paradigm is a strong start point. The world is not the same as it were in the 60s. Maintain the world livelable for the next generations is our job.

  2. Every generation has specific point that distinguish from others generations. People change every day that’s why we have different generations. The every day changing and the fact that the world is also changing makes people go on with.
    My generation is recognized by technologic. Little kids grow up on line, playing with videogames, using tablets and cell phones. We are always on line, never shut down and the socials networks have billions of fans. The world became globalized. Everything that the Japanese teenagers have access, we also have here in Brazil or in America and Europe.
    My parents’ generation was more connected to nature. They spend time playing outside, in beaches, river and waterfalls. The biggest technology was the TV, and first was only black and white. Watching Brazilian sopopera was a huge event and talk to the phone a expensive why to get in touch. That’s people were more in touch with others alive.
    This kind of behave makes time run different, seems like everything happens so fast. The new of yesterday is the old of today.
    The biggest difference is how people are related. The way to communicate makes my generation absolutely different from my parents’.
    At my parents generation letter and phone calls was the way to get in touch. But now, by this time, small kids has cell phones and keeping sending messages all the time. Every thing you do, eat or feel has to be shared with your friends on time.
    There are all kinds off difference between my generation and my parents’, but technology and the way that it changes the behave is the most expressive difference.

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