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Try your hand at going through TWO integrated tasks. The pages in the printed version of the book are in bold and in brackets.


Integrated Writing p.657  ex. 23.2 (p.632) – Tasks 4 and 5

Listening p.321-329 ex. 12.2 (p.347)

You can post your draft answers to tasks 4 and 5 above in the Comments box if you please.



Comments on: "Integrated Writing and Reading" (3)

  1. Matheus Oliveira said:

    Task 4

    The relation between mammoths and men has been a great point of discussion among ice age studiers. There are three main theories that propose to explain the extinction of mammoths. The first one says that humans directly hunted the all race of mammoth in the earth.
    The second supports that climatic changes caused by the transition from an ice age to other climate era could not be supported by the mammoth specie. The third theory defends that the diseases brought by human or domestic dog spilled among the mammoth’s herds and they did not have ways to fight against those diseases.
    On the other hand, there are studiers that think that none of those theories are right. This idea is supported by the principle that men could not be the main cause of mammoth extinction. The human race was not able to hunt all the mammoths. Mammoth were a strong specie and humans used to hunt smaller animal.
    The second theory was denied by the studies of mammoth’s ancestral. Those survived other climate changes and built a great resistance to this problem. The studies of fossils did not found any print of a virus in the most of mammoth. There are no evidences that a disease killed all the specie.
    The study of mammoth’s end has a lot of things to explain until it reaches the solution for this dilemma. The risen of an unquestionable theory depends on field studies and hard lab work. Until there, the theories will be tested day by day.

    Task 5

    The author of the paper agrees that government should invest money in art. Especially in experimental art because this kind has not much value for commercial. Artist always had troubles to find support for themselves and government sometimes gave them a hand.
    Private funding is the most important o support for arts, since older times. The history of great inventors like Da Vinci supports this idea. He concludes with the Importance of expenditures in art to economic development and shows numbers that support that investment in arts generates economic growth.
    The speaker on the other side disagrees with public funding to art. There are no differences between artists and commons workers. Everybody can sell his work and live with his own resources. If there is no way to sell the art as it happens with experimental artists there are other forms to work with art. Teaching is one of them.
    To finish the speaker argues that studies that relate art investment with economic growth have value only for some cases of famous works. The paper which said that investment in art improve economic spending was a result from a research applied to famous project and not to the hole art universe.

  2. Task 4
    In the reading and in the listening they talk about the extinction of the mammals. Each of then give a different opinion about the topic. The reading only tells us the theories about the extinction and the listening gives the opinion about all the tree theories.
    The first theory is about the man versus mammoths. In the text says that the humans hunts many mammals that why they were extinct. In the listening the professor argue that they human race could had be hunted the mammals but was not enough to make them disappeared.
    The second theory says that the diseases brought by the people destroyed the specie. In the listening, the teacher said that all theories need evidence. That is why this theory is not correct because searches prove that was no sign of disease on that time.
    The Third theory defends that climatic changes affect the living of mammals. The forest was transformed in deserts and was not enough food for them. Fortunately, happened many climatic changes along the millions of years and most of all the animals survived. Due to that the theory was not the best one.
    To conclude, in the listening, they discuss that one of them may be able to be correct, or the combinations of three are correct, or none are correct. Until they do not find the correct one scientifically. Any of those theories could be true.

    Task 5
    Both of then, the reading and the listening, talks about art and the types of investments that they have. However, the reading has an opposite opinion at the listening. One of them said that is good the government invests in art and the others did not like the idea so much.
    First, the teacher in the listening said that he thinks is it wrong that the government invest in art. Comparing the artist with others jobs positions, like plumbers, arguing that they must have the same rights so if the artist receives investments other professions should receive too. In the reading they think is right invest in art because it is a kind of heritage of the country.
    Second, in the reading they justify the contributions because artists in nowadays have more difficult to support them. In the listening he contradicts saying that artists can work with arts but in others kind of job not only painting if they could not sell his/her art.
    Third, the advisor in the listening agrees with investments in a organization, in a group but not in a individual. Giving the example that in France that offer help to artists and anyone apply for the money even people that understand nothing about art, they only apply to the government gives then money.
    To conclude, the professor said that sometimes artists are not always good investments that are why they have to study the situation first and after start do something. Unlikely, the text, said in the future the art good be good investments because they do not pay too much taxes and worth too much but they do not thinks the disadvantage that they could bring.

  3. Task 4
    Many theories are written about the ice age, beginning of humans and thousands of years ago. One of these theories involves the mammoths elephants. About this theme there are three theories to explain how these animals disappear.
    The first one says that the reason of the extinction is because there was a human group that was really good in hunting using dogs and some sharper stone and makes the mammoths disappear.
    The second one says the problem that causes the disappearance was the weather, the elephants wasn’t able to live with the climatic changing that makes the food disappear so the mammoths died hungry.
    The third one says that the diseases brought by the humans makes the extinction. The elephants weren’t prepared for all the microbes and had no resistance for that.
    All the three theories has value, is based on studies and the reason for the extinction could be one oh three or the three together.
    For us, the ones that is not a scientist and don’t know much about these studies, could be the junction of the hunting, the weather and the disease

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