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“You can’t stop progress. Sometimes you shouldn’t even try”.


Do you agree or disagree with this quote above? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion in a text of at least 300 words.


Comments on: "Independent Writing – Stopping progress" (4)

  1. Matheus Oliveira said:

    Thomas Malthus said in his most important paper that the growth rates of world’s population in 18th century indicates that in few decades the production will not be able to supply food demand in a few decades. Looking behind, everyone that lives in the 21th century is proof that Malthus was wrong. In his theory there was not calculus errors, Malthus just forgot to consider an important factor. The progress observed in technology, especially in agriculture area, helped to solve this dilemma.
    With production technics observed by the former author in his paper there wouldn’t be enough land to supply earth’s demand. So, when I hear a person say that we should stop the progress I start to think “why?”. The progress in technology allowed us to develop new ways to produce more things with fewer costs. The use of machines and chemistry in agriculture enhanced growth of work, land and capital efficiency.
    I think that any person that is defending the sentence “human race must stop the progress!” do not understand the hole meaning of the word progress. Nowadays this word has been used in a narrow way, like the growing of companies, countries or richness. This kind of progress has drawback to the society because it depends on the way this new things are used. The progress tough just in economic terms depletes natural resources and creates social inequality.
    Like Schumpeter said the innovation is the only characteristic of humanity that can save us from our problems. The natural resources are not endless, in these resources I include the space to produce but technology can solve this problem. This sentence was proved to be right by the Armageddon predicted by Malthus that never came. Progress is a word full of meanings in this text I took my personal view that relate this term with technological development.
    308 words – 36 min

  2. At the statement about progress, is very difficult be unbiased. Due to the reasons that in the same time, progress is necessary but if used it too much could be transforms your life in a big problem. If you stop progress you can preserve your integrity, the history or even our natural resources however if we continue to progress the technology, the economy, the knowledge enhancement, will improve for example.
    First, the disadvantage of stop the progress is because you can lose your integrity in a situation and after that you could never be respect as you were, sometimes. When you do something beyond your limits, go over all and make bad agreements for achieve something. You lost respect with the others that are working with you and you could never be trustable again. Or the government destroys a monument that is important just to build a new road, which is unacceptable but happened.
    Looking on the bride side, de progress is essential to make the technology, the economy, grow. If we had not the instinct to always improve, to get always better and better we could today still be using horses to move to a place to another or never could have meet the cell phone. If the human never had the curiosity to open a body to see what is inside we might be able to never know was is in us and what to make when you fells bad. That is why is important the progress in some areas.
    From all those reasons above, we can see that is very difficult to have a position. To disagree we have to argue using social problems, depletion of natural in other hand we have the growth of technology, the lifestyle changes. So what does think is better option? Take your pick.
    302 words.

  3. I agree with the Liza’s point of view when she says that is so difficult to get a pick about the progress. But I think that, to get a pick, it’s necessary to make a distinction between progress and population needs to discuss what is progress in technology and what is progress for live worthily in human society. In case of Brazilian, where technology and science allowed the development of agriculture, education, health, transport, sanitation, security ,etc , the progress means “evolution”, because it allowed the development of these activities, for example: security cameras and protective equipment for security, tractors and agricultural engines, interactive educational materials using digital technology, etc. In Brazil, This kind of progress contributes to increasing quality of life for people who enjoyed these products of modernity, because of their lives depends on these activities and they can buy this kind of thing. But in case of poor class, who has a lot of necessity, like food, education, security, etc, this people doesn‘t know about these technology or progress. So, we should ask: it’s more important to increase technology or to give a worthy life to these people? Why progress doesn’t arrive in this context? Is it true that progress in technology always leads progress in human life or this progress also increases social differences? Were the needs of poor people being hiding by the progress? Is really necessary that everything needs to be in progress? Is it true that every progress is done to improve the health of human beings or the planet Earth? To conclude, to get a pick, in my opinion it is important to think about activities that leads progress in technology and if this kind of activities allow a progress in human life, decreasing the needs and reducing social differences. To think about this is important to get a position about the wars, biological weapons, which have been helped by progress in one direction: the most favored people.

  4. Raquel Parente said:

    I think that there is a huge difference between progress and evolution. And even about the meaning of progress for different cultures and places. I use to think that we can’t stop the process of evolution, because all of us are being part in that process that count with plants, animals, mineral and many others elements even outside the earth, but I think that talk about progress is quite complicated because the meaning of what is progress is controversial and many factors can influence what is considered “progress”.
    Usually people say that the “progress” improves their lives, and many historical discoveries were done like the fire, the electricity and many others, but many people around the world live on precarious conditions without basic elements needed for life, like food or water. What we can say about progress on these places? Did it come to them?
    We really can’t stop progress on the way that it’s seeing in many places, but some people can control many pieces that take part on that process and these powerful people really don’t care if there are millions of children dying because of hungry or ridiculous diseases that on the progress world nobody dies.

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