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Should there be prerequisites for someone to occupy a democratically-elected political position? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.  Write at least 300 words. 


Here is some useful vocabulary:

  • alderman or councilor
  • to be politically-minded or politically-conscious
  • to run for a position
  • to be biased
  • to have a solid academic background
  • to have a clean record
  • not to have a shady past

Comments on: "Independent Writing – The prerequisites for a political position" (4)

  1. I completely agree with the idea that there should be prerequisites for who wants to run for a political position. Personally, I think that the candidate can’t have a shady past. Furthermore, the candidate must have qualification and a specific background to be elected. Good intentions and great ideas are not enough to occupy a political position.

    The first thing that would be analyzed about a candidate is his past. A candidate must have a clean record. The only thing we can see about a candidate is him going to poor communities, hugging babies, taking pictures and saying their number to be voted. You think he is a great person and vote to elect him. Later, after the election, you will discovery that he is in deficit with the justice, maybe bound to criminals or frauds. Because of this, I believe it is important for us to have candidates who had their record analyzed.

    Also, the candidate should take a vocational exam to prove that they have the qualification for that position. If you are not good in math and physic, you are not going to be an engineer, right? It would be the same for the candidate for mayor or alderman.

    Finally, they should evidence a specific background. If they will work administrating the public money and deciding about the laws, they should have formation or experience in those fields. As an example, I have my father. He spent a great time of his life fighting about the rights of the citizens in a small village in Bahia, where didn’t have any basic needs, not even a telephone line. He started bringing friends of different branches of health profession to take care of that population, once a year. And after many years fighting, that village now has library, health center, new schools, a creche, even internet, and my father created an ONG only for that place. I believe that kind of experience is more important than just promises from somebody who have never been in a social engagement.

    In conclusion, I think people would be more politically-conscious and more involved if they believed that there are selected and reliable candidates running for a political position.

  2. Everybody knows that are many politicians who are in positions that they never should occupied. Because of that, is important to have prerequisites to run for any position on the government. They need to be at least a little biased, do not have a shady past and of course, have a clean record.
    Everyone wants to defend your interest but we have to look, first, around us and see if the interest that we are defending will bring advantages for all the people. That is why anyone that wants to run has to be conscious that they in the future, if he/she wins, will care about all the population and not only a small group.
    Second, not everyone have resources to know about the politics. They are not engaged enough to know who really fits on the post, they vote only for a small reason or something that they notice is different about the candidate but not necessary right. They do not have the knowledge to discriminate the right person and the wrong one. Because most of them are not politically correct. That is why I believe that, they the politicians that have a shady past do not even have to start the campaign.
    Third, they can do not commit any crime, directly, but they could be the man that said to do so. Have a clean record, is indispensable for election. The clean record in the most of the times comes together with a shady past.
    To conclude, to be aware of all the problems and not only look for himself/herself, be honest with all the activities, be true anytime are the essential characteristics for a nominee. I think if they cutting the political that do not have these principles we will see that most of them, in fact, 90% for them are not ready for run to be president, governor, mayor or anything.

  3. Raquel Parente said:

    On my point of view there should be prerequisites to occupy a democratically elected political position, because it’s a position that demands many skills like organization, discipline, ability to manage different people and stimulate crowds. It’s difficult to say what prerequisites should be taken to a person but I think that the secondary school level its quite well, because not everybody wants to be on university. But if we’re talking about Brazil is ever more difficult to deal with that point because the educational system has many structural problems, and people that are on university sometimes don’t even know how to write an essay. For example, we can talk about Lula, that was elected for two times. He had not all that education that is usually required but he is a charismatic person, so people really believed on his propositions.
    Another point is that people who intent to have a political job should take this as another job, like on another countries. But here in Brazil some politicians has many facilities and money, that sometimes persists for the rest of their lifes. This is absurd, because it’s a job like another one. Not a special gift. Of course that requires many things but many other jobs requires many things too. But I think that this kind of thinking is due to a cultural background, because Brazil was a colony for many centuries, so to transform that cultural view demands time.
    Candidates should even has a clean record, of course, and should not have a shade past. They should be charismatic and reliable. But it’s very difficult to trust in someone even if we well might know a person, imagine rely on a person that is a perfect stranger? I think that the most important thing to be a politician is charisma, and if we take a look at the history we are going to see many examples like Romário, that was a soccer player and even Tiririca, that used to be a claw before be elected!

  4. Matheus Oliveira said:

    The “ficha limpa” law was the most important topic in Brazilian’s last election. The project pretends to forbid candidatures of politicians that are under criminal investigation. This topic opens a discussion: Does a political candidature must attend any prerequisites? For Brazilian supreme court the answer is YES.
    Brazil’s electoral code determines that candidates for any political office must apply a large number of papers in order to legitimate his candidature. The tests asks from the politicians past to his capacity of reading and writing in Portuguese. For president, for example, the candidate must be at least 35 years old and born in Brazil.
    In my opinion there is a reason for some of these requirements. The Ficha limpa project at least has the intention of helping people vote just for people which are even with the justice. In the past families of rich and powerful persons bought votes for candidates with criminal records. In the other hand forbid a candidate to assume his office because he can’t write or read is a big problem.
    Brazil is a country with a large number of people who didn’t have access to basic education. Our last president was a worker who learned to write when he was already an adult. But I his election he was representing those who can’t have access to formal studies but don’t want this for them kids. The election must be an open spot where every Brazilian can speak freely. So in the end there is a dark side of political prerequisites. Lula proved to be one of Brazil’s best presidents without studding in a formal school or even a diploma. The knowledge is greater than what is passed by the schools and representing the people is not one of the subjects. That’s why, if there isn’t a medium term between having or no political prerequisite, my opinion supports the no answer.
    (314 words) – 42 min

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