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Discuss the importance of the landing on the Moon in 1969 for humanity. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Consider the following points:

  • the dawn of a new era in scientific research
  • the advent and acceleration of technological devices
  • the materialization of a long sought-after dream (to venture out and explore the universe)

Comments on: "Man on the Moon – Independent Writing task" (1)

  1. Raquel Parente said:

    The moon always amused human beings, even in the ancient ages people already used to adore not only the moon but the space, of course that they gave another words to the same object, and we must thank these people because they were the first ones who stabilished a connection between earth and sky, but until Armstrong arrive on the moon and all the world watch their first steps on the land many things happened.
    The first to things that changed the world were the two wars, and even that the motif off the wars were too different both of them used a huge arm , not only on earth but on the sky and seas too. To improve their performance they made many research that culminated on new products and strategies to fight. After the end of the second war, despite the destruction of German and Japan, about twenty years later the world was surprised by the confront of United States and Soviet Union on the famous Could War. That consisted on a battle between capitalism and socialism. Both sides entered on the “spacial run”, and they government invested a huge amount on scientific research because they intended to improve their area of influence.
    Beyond those challenges people stayed enchanted by the images off de moon, and many of them don’t even knew what was behind that. But even on these days the public sometimes have this kind of response about many matters, including politics. Despite that point, the event off the man walking on the moon have changed the world, as the cold war did. Door were opened on the culture, science and many others areas.

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