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Sample answer to an Independent Writing Task – done in the classroom

Question: There are many types of television shows: comedies, news programs, dramas, reality shows and so on. What is your favorite type of TV show? Why do you prefer this type of TV show? Give some examples from your own experience watching TV shows.

I’m not really into TV programs but if I were, I would probably go for NEWS PROGRAMS for several reasons, three of which I will explore in this essay: they are factual; they are objective and, they are informative.

News programs aim to provide us with factual information, things that are happening in our world today. Since I find it important to keep up to date with the latest news, watching this kind of program is a must for me. It is much more beneficial than fictional shows, the content of which I can find in a book. Moreover, I remember many times being able to acquire valuable information for my research projects at school from news programs, most of which I still can remember today.

In light of the fact that news programs are factual, they would necessarily be impartial or objective, which is completely different to what you might find in a reality show, which might intentionally try to sway the viewer’s opinion. Despite the popularity of the latter, reality shows are knowingly rigged to get people to vote for a particular participant or just to boost the TV station’s viewer ratings and bombard us with explicit merchandising.

If it is factual and objective, a news program would supposedly be informative; in other words, it should teach and educate viewers about important issues that affect our daily lives. Given the globalized world in which we live, information, and consequently, critical knowledge, are paramount for an educated university student like myself. The need for a competitive edge in today’s market can not be denied, so I make it a point to be always informed of what is going on in the world at local, national and international level. This information can help me to make important decisions that will affect my future and my family, like for example, the decision to study at an American university. I had set my mind on seeking admission at a top American university after learning on a news program that the higher education institutions from the U.S. are ranked in the top one hundred learning centers around the world. Obtaining a degree from one of these colleges then would mean a lot to my academic and professional career.

In short, news programs offer much more to my personal development and do much more of a service to the community at large than say, comedies or reality shows or fictional programs. That they are factual, objective and informative are what make them my favorite type.


And you, what is your favorite type of  TV show? 

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    In my view, I prefer films among the tv shows for many reasons, three of which I’ll discuss in this essay: they disport, they are healthy and they are informative.
    First, films helps people to distract themselves from the stress caused by excess of work and study. For example, a crowd of people appreciate to go to the movies on their weekends, while free from obligations, looking for relaxing content like comedies, fictions, that can works on unwind. It is so important that is also part of common sense the need for weekends and vacations, even established by law, in order to distract from the daily work. Therefore, movies attend so conveniently for that situation that this culture has been practiced for a long time in the world.
    Second, Further than said, relax sometimes is a human body necessity, our organism may suffer with consequences of stress conditions and all this factors show how much the entertainment in necessary and how the movies can help with it. For instance, people how are frequently whimper strain situations may have their immunity lowed, what exposes them to hold another kinds of illness that prejudice their routine, than even short stopping from work and distractions, like films, attend this point.
    Finally, most of the film productions are carefully based on books,
    Which means that the content passed to the watchers may be informational, carrying many kinds of culture habits and it’s really positive for book communities memories and useful to spread it throughout the nation, even the world. Moreover, movies productions effort also help to teach people how to lead in daily situations, showing through real, even unreal characters, options to solve common issues, which subserve the tv viewer.
    In resume, among tv programs, I believe films offer more advantages than novels, reality shows and so on, because they lead information and culture, doing it through entertainment to the people, thereby giving better appropriate content.

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