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#116 People learn in different ways. Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading about things; others learn by listening to people talk about things. Which of these methods of learning is best for you? Use specific examples to support your choice.

Post your answers in the COMMENTS box. Write no more than 300 words and give yourself 30 minutes to do so.

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  1. People have different ways to learn things in life. In my experience live I prefer learning by doing things. I think that you have to start doing something to understand how things works in that way. The pratice is the best choice. For example: To learn reading, you have to pratice every day. Also for you became better doing something, you have to continuing practice and practice.
    For the Toefl exame, also the diarly practice will help you became more faster in differents ways of the categories that you found in the test. Reading every day will help you answer the questions quickly, as well when you listening in english the videos, can help to familiarize the language.
    All the musicians need to practice everyday your instruments to became a good professional and this is also for everyone that wants to be good in something. That is why I support this choice.


    I my view, among reading, listening and all the ways to learn, practice is the best for me for many reasons, three of which I’ll expose in this essay: I can train my skills, choose major better and avoid doubts.
    First, when we do some activities, we can gain experience. For example, I usually study for my tests in general by taking exercises that show how do the test requires my abilities, thus I know my weakness points and can work on it in order to extinguish them. However, studying and basing only in theory, I won’t cognize how do I will deal with the questions and surprises that may appear.
    Second, learning by doing things offer to people the chance to get more by knowing well their future job. For instance, college courses usually requires students to do on-campus or out-campus work focused on their main matters, the trainee ones, so the students have the opportunity to know how the game is played when the theory changes to practice and the chance to choose if is it really what do they want for their lives.
    Third, the practice give people a manner to avoid doubts, as opposed to theory. For example, when people do their activities, they learn how to deal with it and also have teachers and monitors to help them out. This situation offers the chance to ask for the help needed and then solve the questions about to work done. Moreover, clarify doubts is a way to avoid mistakes in the work done, what I think it’s important for a good professional.

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