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According to educator Sir Ken Robinson, there isn’t an education system on the planet that teaches dance the same way to children we teach them mathematics.

Do you think Arts (music, dance, painting etc.) should enjoy the same status as Sciences or Maths? Give reasons and examples to support your answer. 

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    I believe that all the types of art should deserve the same status as sciences or maths for many reasons, three of which I’ll discuss in this text:
    They are important for history, they’re kinds of work and a way to expression.
    Foremost, arts like painting and music are manners to register human history. For example, since society found a way to express yourself, painting and drawing are used to spread habits and relations through time. We can see this expression since paintings on rock walls done by human ancients, pictures painted by artists in the middle age, at about thousand years ago, until modern boards, sculptures and songs.
    Second, people choose their profession and based on their skills and practice knowledge, what means that it’s necessary to exist another kinds of work that have the same recognition by communities. For instance, mathematicians and scientists have the passion, hard work and persistency needed to be a successful expert. By the other hand, those that doesn’t have this characteristics in this matter may don’t worth in this kind of work, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have other abilities which do worth in other professions.
    Utimately, arts are manners to express people ideas and feelings, which helps to unwind stressed minds beated because of hard work or study. The human body has the require to relax sometimes in order to prevent ills caused by excess of strain situations like depression, disease of repetitive effort and low immunity. Paint, sing and all the art expressions are excellent health activities that push the necessary detox.
    In short, I suppose arts deserve the same status recognition than maths and science because they aren’t only a superficial thing like many people believe, but they are also kinds of work, relax and book the society history.

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