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Watch the video up to 5:30 and explain the morality principle according to the professor. State which side you are more inclined to and give reasons for your answer.


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    The professor states that the moral principle is restricted for each case and gives one example to support his point. He supposes that if you’re driving a car and you find a track with five workers in front of you. You try to stop but the brakes don’t work and you know that when you crush on them, they will die. In the other side there’s another track, with one worker working on it. You may choose to crush on this man and kill only one person instead of five. Then, the teacher asks what would you do, If were you driving the sparing car.
    In my view, I believe that kill one person is more permissible than kill five in this situation for two reasons that I’ll expose in this essay:
    Comparatively many more people will be included and this situation involves the moral principle of society.
    First, when many people die, much more consequences shall appear. For example, if five workers passed away, there will be five families without a provider, missing their member and having much more bureaucracy to deal than if only one person die and leave his family in these tough conditions. It doesn’t mean that a crowd of people will suffer anyway and kill one person it’s right, but it may lower the hard situations.
    Second, the moral principle of the society posits that if you have to take people lives, it must be as few numbers as possible. Obviously to take people lives is considered a murder, a crime and anyone is allowed to, but in that case, when a person don’t have the choice to kill or not, she can just pick out how many lives will he take, is more permissible to admit that one human life is less fair than five ones.
    In resume, I would be more inclined to choose the other track and hit one worker because there will be less consequences and I believe there will be more justice.

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