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Racism or Xenophobia?

Watch the following video in which a commuter is caught on tape making racial slurs and xenophobic remarks.


Now watch this video in which the speaker proposes to comment and analyze the incident:


Myles Dyer believes that the Emma West (the woman in the video) is merely a product of the society in which she was raised.

List the reasons he gives for his view, then choose ONE of the reasons and state if you agree or disagree with his arguments. Justify your opinion.



Comments on: "Racism or Xenophobia?" (1)


    Myles Dyer states that Emma West is a product of society and gives reasons for that. For him, the woman was influenced by the wrong concepts that she learned on her childhood, so she’s not guilty for her racist behavior once the environment (family, school and community) gave her little knowledge about deal with differences; for him, she doesn’t know that the subway action was a mistake and that’s why the society can’t give up on her.
    I agree with Myles Dyer when he claims that the society have part of the Emma’s blame because once she have grown up only hearing wrong conceptions about foreign or negros people, she’ll actually act based on her belief. Once her belief are improper, she’ll make mistakes while dealing to somebody as mentioned. Meanwhile, I do think that, though she got incorrect thoughts, she still have the choice to choose how deal through situations like that, and, In my view, she may know that she was acting wrong, but picked out to keep on her mistake, so the other part of the guilt is hers.

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