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“It is acceptable to use physical force to discipline children”

Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons and examples to justify your answer.


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  1. Cris Otoya said:

    As a mother of three well educated adults I disagree with this statement.
    All children come to the world to be loved, then they need to be disciplined with love, good examples and a lot of talks.
    First of all I would like tell that: the most important way to discipline children is love, because kids react well when parents or other person who take care of then speaking slow, with a calm voice, but firmly so kids could understand who is the boss, and in every circumstances the children will have the same response, obeying who gives them order.
    Second, when we, parents or nannies, need to discipline a mischievous child and we start shouting the answer of the child is shout also, at the same intensity or louder and that is not a good idea. This behavior probably will be repeated every time we shout. If the responsible adult shakes the child, hits he or she with his own hand or worse hits the child with an other object he could have on hand the consequences will be disastrous for the child’s emotional development.
    Third, children must be disciplined with love and good examples and conversation. While we, parents or nannies, use the word to calm and stop excitement of pampered children we could storytelling invented for the situation. For example if the children not want to eat, what smart adults will do? Storytelling with many hands movements and lots of noise to attract attention, while children are distracted with all these movements they open their mouth and eat. This is the common way to feed pampered children all around the world, and this is a simple and common example. I could give others like create stories such as fairy tales but connected with the children’s life. In my opinion this worth much more in kids life experience than others manners as physical force.
    And end in my personal experience I could say that is much more rewarding see happy faces of my children when a get to calm then with a spectacular story which leaves children of my slack jaw with a tender smile in their faces.
    This is, for me, the better way to discipline and educate children.

  2. First of all, physical force can’t be the way to get anything. If everyone decide to use this to achieve their ends, the aggressiveness will govern and, reaching big dimensions, maybe every people in the world will be dead in a few years. It’s unbearable to adimit this kind of attitude into the family, where the love, acceptance and comprehension must reign.
    Secondly, people are a product of moral or social atmosphere where they born and are brought up. It’s right that everyone have freewill to choose and deliberate about their own acts, but if in the place where people grown there are only violence, they will choose only violence as way in ther adult life. Children must be bought up receiving love, with strong exemples and principles.
    To give love and good exemples without physical force isn’t exclude a authority figure. It’s the opposite. The children who recieve love instead aggressiveness will trust their parents and wil not react fearful (wich can lead to agressive responses) or in retaliation.
    This children, in the future, will sell a mensage of love and respect to everyone, excluding from their behavior the phyical and verbal violence.
    In conclusion, this concept that physical force is necessary to dicipline children is surpassed. In the past, every family were based on this and all we have now is a violent world that don’t care about respect and union. We must to acomplish this in order to solve many problems we have in our society.


    In my view, I think that is inacceptable to use physical force to teach children for many reasons, three of which I’ll discuss in this essay. They can learn by dialogs, grow as violent people and become angry at the person who forces them.
    First of all, I believe that people can learn good habits by nice examples and talking with their responsible. For example, when I was a child, my parents never beat me or even pulled my ear in order to teach me what is the right to do. They always told me what I did wrong and why I shouldn’t repeat it. I can say that this way of teach a child work effectively. I didn’t need the force to absolve nice habits and grow a sociable person.
    Second, kids disciplined by force may become violent people. For instance, scientific studies states that most of killers and criminals grown up surrounded by tough environments. A child frequently acquires features according to its responsible and how it deals with situations. If kids grow learning that physical force is the best way to solve problems and educate people, it becomes a mirror of its childhood, reflecting violent behaviors.
    Third, no one likes to be forced, not even children. When someone obligates them, it’s reasonable to know that they will become angry and sad. If you have a child, is normally though that you love it and you don’t want your son’s hate. Moreover, violence can result in physical damages. So, I believe that discipline by force is not a way that a parent should choose.
    In summary, I claim that teach by physical force is not a reasonable way to discipline children because It may transmit violent habits, create rough people, develop bad feelings and cause child health injuries.

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