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Listen to program #2 from the BBC Learning English series “The Reading Group” (from 0:00 to 4:55 of the audio file).

List the tips given as to how students can maximize their vocabulary through reading. Then say which tip you think is most effective and why. Give reasons to support your answer. 

To hear the program go to the site above, scroll down to the program Part 2 and click on Listen or download the program to your computer.


Comments on: "Integrated Writing – Improve your vocabulary by reading" (2)

  1. I agree with the student who said that every day reading is crucial to improve the vocabulary and english compreension as a whole. The point that is better using the dictionary after the reading instead during it also is very important to me.
    Having reading habit, people can develop such a great habilities in foreigner language, like fluency, vast vocabulary and, more than it, feel familiarity in relation to the language. If reading in english is a ocasional action it’s difficult to develop such skills and each reading time will be a struggle.
    The use of dictionary in every day reading tends to decrease the more people read. At the same time is important to take notes of the dubts and only look up at the dictionary after finish reading. That’s because every time we stop to look the word up in the dictionary we get lost in the text and miss the fluency. In addition, when we put the dictionary aside and only pick it up at the finish of the reading whe have the oportunit of see the same word twice, as the text arround, making a link between the word we didn’t uderstand and the text. In this way we can maximize our learning.


    The program gives three tips to how students can improve their vocabulary through reading. First, they state that daily reading is a form to get the familiarity and fluency necessary while dealing with foreign languages. Second, for the participants is important to consult a dictionary when you find a word or expression that you don’t know what it means. As explained in the listening, you can do it while reading or highlight these topics and search for the meaning after the reading. Finally, the teacher says that is important to be an active reader, making notes of any unfamiliar collocations or any language you believe is necessary for your vocabulary and reviewing it when you finish reading.
    In my view, is most important to consult a dictionary when you find a word or expression and don’t know it’s meaning because, when you do this, you are actually reviewing that language and learning new vocabulary and how you can use it in your compositions. By doing these steps, you may get improve your knowledge the best way.

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