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Presenter Charlie Todd argues for people playing pranks in public.

Cite the reasons he gives for his view and say whether you agree with him or not. Give reasons for your answer.


Comments on: "Listening – The shared experience of absurdity" (3)

  1. The presenter believes that is not necessary to have a reason to playig pranks in plublic. He says that only do this for fun. Some people say that he has a lot of time. Otherwise he wouldn’t do that. Although, he still defending his sense of humor saying that he would spend this time doing any other thing just to have fun, as playing football, like so many other people do.
    I agree with him in this point. If he has this time to spend to make other people a little more happy in their daily life, it’s very fruitful. Every day people have to face too many difficulties, like cloundy subways, cold, too much work etc. If they can earn this degree a little more high-spirited, it’s wonderful.

  2. Natália Furtado said:

    Charlie Todd, plays pranks in public because he likes to improvise in an expected situation. The first one he plays in this video, is about the reaction inside a train when people sees men without pants, specially a woman whose reaction is been filmed. He tries to prove that people are very used to routine and to ignore the others weirdness. In addition, the woman only feels better about the awkward situation when she sees others laughing to it.
    In this example and in others, Chalie Todd, tries to show a different view of routine, changing it sporadically, in different places, with the objective to make people see that it doesn’t have to be a reason to act differently and there is no right or wrong with whose actions showed.
    I strongly agree with Chalie Todd. Routines have the tendency of automatizing people. We are not robots, we should not be automatized. Therefore, changing small actions during the day, trying to look up, to pay attention on others, on surroundings, are small actions that releases stress. On the other hand, we cannot get to work without pants, so there should be a limit on how much could be changed, but never get automatized.


    The presenter says that playing is good. For him, adults don’t need to have a reason to justify their acting, they may just have fun without an objective and that’s what he proposes by creating extraordinary situations in public. He involves people in subways, buildings, stores, in awkward contexts like people wearing no pants on wagons, dancing in front of building’s windows or a crowd wearing equal clothes in a store. He states that sometimes members of society ask him if he have much time in his hands, and he responds that he does not have, he simply chosen to spend his time in a different way, spreading through comedy that there is no right or wrong way to play.
    I agree with Charlie Todd’s view. People are incredibly focused on work, study and other kinds of obligations, showing a self-centered behavior. Big cities are great examples to this modern relationship between people, where they even look at each other. That society forgot that pranks are an excellent way to express yourself and relax. Charlie’s comedy gives to these people the opportunity to smile and have fun, forgetting for a while the stress of obligations. He knows that his plays in public will make difference in people lives, by turning their day happier.

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