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#105 – What characteristic makes a person successful? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

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  1. Ivan de Angelis said:


  2. The society of the 21st century has one strong characteristic: the success chase. Books, blogs and TV programs try to teach people how they should be to get what they want. But it leads us to a question: is there a list that describes what is necessary to be a successful person? Are there characteristics that describe a winner?

    Of course success has different meanings for each person. For some people, being successful is a synonym to having a lot of money and power. For other people, it cannot be separated from having a happy family and raising kids well. However, in a general idea, success can be resumed in achieving all your main objectives. And to get there, there is one characteristic that is essential: commitment. You have to be compromised with your principles and dreams and you have to do whatever it takes to get them. You have to be available sacrifice yourself and let go everything that could take out your focus to reach what you want.

    Besides that, to be a successful person, you have to be able to being proud of yourself. Success is all about the choices you make, and choices come from what you are and from what you learned with your experiences. So, a person that has the humility to recognize mistakes and the strength to start over when it is necessary has more chances to be successful.

    It is important to mention that success should never be distant from ethics. However, some people are able to achieve their paramount objectives, like money, fame and power, by mistreating, offending and stealing other people. But in the end of the day, the real success is about being a better person with your achievements and winnings, and these kind of “successful” people have failed this item.

    Ultimately, besides success has different meanings to each person, everyone who wants to pass through challenges and grow up in talent, character, and achievements should be focused, committed and prepared to not give up in front of difficulties. It is not a cake recipe, but following these principles is a good beginning to help someone to get what he or she wants.


    I believe that characteristics that makes people successful depends on particular points of view. I mean, each person has a concept for success, and based on it, they may build a list of skills that lead to your objectives. For me there are many areas that you shall acquire to be considered a good succeeded person, three of which I’ll expose in this essay: studies, work and family.
    First, culturally speaking, people grow learning that studies are very important in their lives and, when it’s possible, they study since childhood. Considering the idea of success, I believe that to reach the top of the studies subject, people should be persistent. It is not easy to study hard through almost the entire life. People also need to be hard working and push themselves to focus on finish the graduation system and then be better prepared to the job market.
    After that, success on professional matters are also important to people’s lives and in order to get it, I suppose workers should choose the profession that makes them happy, that better fits on their profile, because along with happiness comes passion for work. People should love what they do. It helps to persist on their failures, criticism and rejection, what sometimes happens and disappoints many people. Hard working is another necessary characteristic to lead to success in professions.
    Finally, I believe that family is another subject that is included when the discussion is about success in general, because success includes happiness and anyone can be happy alone, so family, including friends, is one of the most important things in people’s lives. Consequently, in my view, people should be patient, kind and friendly, in order to make relationships easier. For instance, sometimes is hard to deal with situations and then people lose their minds. Avoiding discussions is one good thing that person may do to have nicer relations and thereby, reaching success in personal matters.
    In resume, I suppose that are many characteristics leads people to success in their lives, for me they embrace hard working, persistence, patience, kindness and others. It depends on what do people mean by success.

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