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Answer the following question in no more than 300 words. Give yourself 30 minutes to complete the task.

In your opinion, is studying abroad easier for students nowadays than for students 20 years ago? Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

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  1. Wanessa said:

    I believe that studying abroad is easier nowadays than twenty years ago and I can give three major reasons for that. The first one is the globalization. I remember that twenty years ago we did not have access to all the informations about other countries and other cultures. The internet helps a lot to interact people and at that time it was not part of our lives yet. Besides people did not have opportunity to travel as much as today, so they did not have contact with other languages because the cable or the satellite television was not available in most of the houses. Now when a student goes to an international university he/she knows what to expect.

    The second reason is that today we notice that people have less prejudice regarding different cultures. It is common to see people from other countries everywhere and because of that people respect more the differences. I remember seeing a lot of tourists with my uncle, because he was a tourist guide. But we never had the curiosity to talk to them, because there was a myth that Europeans were different. Now when a student goes abroad, he/she does not feel totally alone, because people probably have seen or have got in touch with someone from the same country and know more about his/her culture.

    The last reason that I think helps students nowadays is that universities are giving more opportunities to people from other countries. They see now the importance of charing information and experience and helping to give knowledge to students from countries in development.

    For these three reasons above I believe that it is easier for a student to go abroad and study than some years ago.

  2. Frederico said:

    I think that is easier for students nowadays to study abroad.
    First, we have more options of places to go and ways to go. Universities and companies are investing in exchange programs. Evidently they realized that experiences abroad are extremely important for a student or a worker vocational training.
    Second, on the contrary from twenty years ago, Brazil is passing through stability in economy, nowadays. EUA`s money, dollar, is depreciating and ,as a result, tickets to travel are becoming cheap and accessible.
    And most important, the Internet is crossing the borders of the countries and approaching people from different cultures.
    In conclusion we have more opportunities to travel to other countries, because the world is getting more connected, as has been noted in globalization.

  3. Lauro Coutinho said:

    In my opinion it is, because 20 years ago was very hard to learn another language, there were not as many courses as there are today, especially languages less famous like Chinese, and you didn’t have as much contact with other languages as well, here are some examples: The internet, maybe the most important, not as many tourists as there are today and Cable TV that help you improve where a lot of channels, for example, are in English or other languages. Traveling was a lot more expensive than it is today, it was harder to get in an university because there were not a lot of partnerships between Universities, people suffered a lot more prejudice than nowadays.

  4. Natália Furtado said:

    In the situation in which I am, it is easier to support a greater level of difficulty nowadays. Nonetheless, studying abroad is hard and it does not matter the year in which the student is or the place he/she wants to go. There are those who support one or another though, but the truth is: every situation has its own complications and its own facilities.
    Twenty years ago, not many people wanted to study abroad. For those who wanted, it had a fewer possibilities. Brazil, like other countries, did not have as much importance sending its students as it has today. Those who accomplished this goal, planted our good fame nowadays and made the path “easier”. Some countries wanted foreigns, and some others, did not. The reason they did not were xenophobia or overpopulation.
    Nowadays, there are many possibilities, though a much greater number of students who wants to go study abroad. Those students come from many different countries and have the idea or not of staying there all their lives. Some countries nowadays wants foreigns, and some others, does not. The reason they do not are xenophobia or overpopulation as well.
    In conclusion, it depends on the viewer’s point of view. Certainly, as it is always hard, everyone who is planning to study abroad will say that nowadays it is harder, like myself, nevertheless, that not true, it always were, it is and probably will always be.

    Total: 27 minutes.
    237 words.

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