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Here is a new topic based on our discussion in class this evening:

#145 Some people say that advertising encourages us to buy things that we really do not need. Others say that advertisements tell us about new products that may improve our lives. Which viewpoint do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Write no more than 300 words and give yourself 30 minutes to complete it. Post your answer in the Comments box.


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  2. Advertisements have the purpose of transmitting an idea or a message to the viewer. Nowadays many vehicles are used by the marketing industry, like: television, internet, billboard, newspaper, magazines, etc. Most of them have the aim of encouraging people to buy a new product or service. To do that, the ad industry uses many tools to make the consumer believe that he needs or wants to acquire that good. Sometimes, for instance, an image of a strong, powerful, well-succeeded man using a type of watch, can awaken in a young boy the desire of buying this specific watch, only because he wants to be like the model in the ad.
    In some cases the advertisement can be very harmful, like in the beverage and tobacco industry. Coincidently, the marketing strategy of these sectors is brilliant. People are encouraged to consume beer and cigarette even knowing that serious damages can arise in their life. In other selling campaigns, like the ones that children are the target, many unfair strategies are used to make children persuade their parents to buy a toy.
    On the other hand, there are advertisements that play an important role in our society. Inside this group, for instance, are the ads used to inform people about the risks of a communicable disease, places to take vaccine or a charity campaign.
    I am really not against advertisement but I think that, in many cases, people that create these commercial campaigns should think as if they were in the consumers’ shoes.

  3. It’s already proven that advertisements work and are very effective on people’s decisions. As it can inform about a new product, it can also influence you to buy something that is not necessary to your life. There are different factors that would make you think in a way or in another.
    In a way, advertisements can influence you to make a bad decision, such as cigars ads. Most of these ads, are very charming and with healthy people usually having fun or practicing sports. However, the truth is that cigars can cause you several health problems. On most of the ads, these problems are not informed. Many people see this kind of advertisements and feel curious to try a cigar, especially young kids.
    On the other hand, I’ve to agree to those people that say that you have to be well informed and educated to not let advertisements, such as cigars, influence you. You have to be strong enough and know how to filter bad from good information that comes from the midia. Otherwise, you will only spend your money on what advertisements say you to spend and you wont build up a personality.
    If you take care to watch some advertisements you will realize that there are many products and useful information that can change your life. Also, it can show you things that you are really interested on buying. For example, if you’re looking for a new car and you watch an advertisement saying that you have a good offer on a new car that you never heard about. Another example is if you see a product that you wish to buy and you make it as your own personal goal to gain money to buy it. You will work harder to satisfy yourself. These kinds of ads can influence your life in a much better way.
    Personally, I think that advertisements can be very useful for those who are well informed and knows how to filter the bad from good information. Thinking as a whole, the government should use their power to prohibit some ads from being put on the television, what already happen in Brazil, for example.

  4. Advertising could be defined as communication, whereas it’s simply the act to communicate whatever the companies want to the right public. Because of communication’s evolution nowadays there are a plenty of medias to advertise and many of them are characterized as mass media. It is due to their power to reach many people at the same time.

    The mass communication brought a fast and effective ways to communicate, but it also brought some problems. When the company wants to reach so many people, they mighty hit some that are not interested in such ad. These may think the company are attempting to sell undesireable things just to get their money, but they are wrong. The point is they just aren’t the right target, which means they are not willing to buy what is being adverising.

    Thus I belive that the companies are trying to tell us about new products that may improve our lifes. The only problem is they are not really sure with whom should they talk or are using mass media and consequently reaching people that don’t really want to know about this specific product. If those people istead of become upset started to view the advertisings from other perspective they would see the opportunity to know what is new on market or maybe know a new company that mighty have other interesting products.

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