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Expanding topic sentences

Develop ONE of the topic sentences below into an Independent Writing Task:

1- #The disadvantages of owning a large car are many

2- #The advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages

3- #A person who lives in a remote area may face many problems

4- #Absenteeism at work causes both the employer and the employee many problems.

5- #Car accidents can be avoided or minimized if the driver takes certain precautions

6- #Computers have brought many changes to our way of life

Copy and paste the topic sentence in your comment and develop at least two paragraphs on the idea.


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  1. “Absenteeism at work causes both the employer and the employee many problems.”

    In most cases obligation becomes something that people are not very happy to do. Work is an obligation, even if you like very much your profession. The whole week you wait for the weekend, however Monday is not so expected. On the other hand, in our society people are used to work, then it is better to make your job well and have a good relation with the boss.
    Being absent at work or feeling otiose makes not just the employer unhappy, but also the employee. Everyone likes to feel useful and needed. When you have a lot of work to do, the day passes more quickly than if you have nothing to do.
    It is important to be present and show interest at work. Absenteeism may happen even when you show up every day, but your mind is somewhere else. The boss can see if people are not interested while they are making their tasks and when he realizes that, his sympathy to these people decreases. After that things can get more difficult to the employee.
    Working is really necessary, so it is better to make it good, otherwise week becomes just a time to wait for the weekend.

  2. Gustavo Barbosa Cleinman said:

    The disadvantages of owning a large car are many

    Society has changed in numbers, but not in mentality. And this is reflected nowadays in many forms. One of those is related to the cars, their numbers and size.
    In past, people were used to have large cars. This was so for some reasons: Cars were relativity more expensive, and families used to utilize together the car. This society made the cars big, to transport the whole family, as it would make no sense in producing expensive cars for just one or two. With less people in the world and with cars expensive, there was a lot of space for driving and parking for these cars. So everything used to run smoothly.
    The problem is that the population kept rising and rising, and the society developed since then a structure of growth based on consumerism. This caused lots of people wanting to have their own cars, and with cars getting cheaper people managed to get them. The big problem is that a family now has more than one car, but the size is almost the same, even if less people use it.
    With more vehicles and the same space available, things started to get tight, which is a bad news for big cars. With tighter spaces, big cars can’t drive as ease as before in the streets, and the parkings are now much more difficult to be done. Another problem is that free spaces for parking big cars are not just more difficult to be maneuvered but also more sparse. And one last problem for big cars is that, to engine required to maintain a big car running, has also to be bigger, and thus it uses more fuel being for this motive more expensive to maintain.
    In this way smaller cars, for fewer users, are getting much more convenient in our modern society, being a more logical choice with you need a car.

  3. Leila Lemos said:

    The advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages

    Nowadays is very common to see students travelling abroad to study. I think that the most common is to study a language, but there are also people travelling to make graduation courses, specializations or different kind of courses that can improve their resumes.
    Among the advantages of this kind of study, the most important for me are: the level of specialization that you acquire with a course abroad, getting points on your resume, and the personal experience that you gain when you need to live alone, far from your family and friends, and you have responsibilities to fulfill.
    And among the disadvantages, being away from a place where you feel safe, close to your family and friends that can support you, is the biggest one for me.
    Concluding, the advantages of study abroad are bigger than the disadvantages. And you can confirm that with the increasing number of students that are travelling all the years to make a course abroad. This is extremely important because we are qualifying more and more our students.

  4. 6#Computers have brought many changes to our way of life

    The computers change deeply our lifestyle, mainly the ways of interaction beetween the peoples, and how we work today, there are many reasons for cite that, but the maily reason are: computer take off human touch of relationships.
    Nowadays with computers, and many others “eletronics devices” like computers, the people don’t interact as 30 years ago, the relationships beetween them are colder, because we don have any more the “face-to-face” interaction, we have the “computer-computer” interaction, the stress of life associated with the facility to talk with other peoples in computer trought internet makes the people lazy, is easier to make friends using computer. Children prefers play in a computer than play with others peoples, and they continuos living this virtual life when grow up. But there are good changes, not only bad, for example, the distances are smallers today, and the comunnication are facillitated with the adevent od computer, however we can not changes completely the real life for a virtual life.
    In the work, the computer make easier the deal to manage the huge amount of information wich we have today, to turn information in knwoledge, find patterns, for example, in global economical crisis, using the power of processing of the computers. The information travel in a velocity never dreammed before, and it is a example of how the computers help us today in our way to work, and how change the way of we work.
    This is some reasons why computers have brought many changes in ours ways of life, making peoples “cold”, turning most of relationships impartial, but we have the good changes, the distance are smaller, the information travel much faster, e we can work better and with more information than 30 years ago.

  5. Alcira Tequia said:

    For a person who lives in a remote area the main problem is transportation, I mean it in many ways, not only to go to work, there are many occasions where they would need transportation to survive. For example; any person who is sick, in need or any kind of emergency could face a problem if what he requires for the cure is not in the hospital near by. Another example is food supply, to find food in supermarket may take longer to reach because of the distance and all of the process of transportation that is needed.

    Living in a remote area could also difficult basic services like light, gas, and water. It happens because it an insolated area services are not so demanded as much as in a city. Therefore, the government would attend first places that are crowded and leave this lower amount of population in a second places. Although living in a remote place could give peace, there are many negative points to considered as the mentioned.

  6. The disadvantages of owning a large car are many

    Having a car is very necessary nowadays in order to move from one place to another, specially if you live in cities where the public transportation system is not effective. This is one of the main reasons people are buying cars more and more these days here in Brazil. People assume that if you have a car you can save money, because you can transport many people at the same time, you can save time, because you travel directly to your destination without the constantly stops that buses and subways do. But these facts are not totally true, specially if you own a large car.

    If you have a large car you probably have argued about the following points: “Having a large car is so expensive!” The consumption of gas is high and the maintenance is not cheap. “I can’t go through this street, there is no space to pass with my car”. Some streets can be so narrow that you can not pass through them or if you insist on keep going there is a risk of collision. And the last and not the least complaint is “Where can I park my car now?” Unless you park your car at official parking places, such as at malls or supermarkets, you will find a suitable place for your car. But if you have to park on the streets you will be in trouble, because they might be full and most of the time the space is small for your big car.

    For all these reasons I think that if I had to buy a car, I would buy a Smart car. Although people say it is a car for “selfish people” because it is tiny and only for two people, I think that it is a perfect car for a single person and it fits just fine everywhere.

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