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#171 Imagine you are preparing for a trip. You plan to be away from home for a year. In addition to clothing and personal items, you can take one additional thing. What would you take and why? Use specific reasons and details to justify your answer.


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  1. In addition to clothing and personal items I would like to take my sister, my parents and my boy friend. I have always travelled with my family and I like this very much. Travelling alone can be good, but with companies is much better.
    In 2006 I went to Porto, in Portugal , to study architecture. I’ve arrived there alone, on the beginning it was a bit difficult, I missed my family a lot and hadn’t a place to live. After some weeks I found a very good house for students, then I started making new friends and the rest of the year was wonderful. This year living alone made me learn a lot and I think it was better than if I had gone with my parents, like some people did on the first month. Some parents went their to help their sons find an apartment. That was the first time I was completely alone and I think after one year I have become more mature.
    Despite of being good to be alone in Portugal, I prefer to get home at the end of the day and have someone to speak, ask about the day or talk about anything.
    Usually I travel with my family for three weeks, when my grandmother was alive, she used to go on the trips also. It was very good, we used to pass the role day walking along the streets and in the end of the day we went back to the hotel to eat the dinner my parents would make, after buying something at the supermarket. Every place we have stayed, had a kitchen to cook.
    I have always enjoyed this family trips, so I think I still would like to repeat that.

  2. Alcira Tequia said:

    If I were going to a trip for a year, certainly it would be for studies, so beside my cloth and personal items I would take my laptop. I’m a very calculating person and I know that nowadays technology is everywhere. My laptop because is very useful item in many ways. The first one for assignments, I could write o search for information to help my studies anytime I want without looking for some Internet café. The second reason my family, if I take this item I could access to my e-mail or social networks like Skype to keep in touch with them. I’m a very familiar person and I know I would miss them. Finally for entertainment, as a new student I would not have many friends at the begining so my laptop could be a nice company, I could play games, watch movies, etc. In conclusion, I consider the laptop as the most functional and technologic item that I would take everywhere.

  3. Vanessa Rodrigues said:

    If I was going to travel for a year probably I would take all my things with me such as clothes, shoes, bags, laptop, cell phone and everything that I can carry.
    Beside my personal things probably I would by lots of tourism books, showing the places I would visit. This kind of book is useful, mainly when you are traveling alone and by yourself. It has always maps that you can use to move by foot and organize in what order you should visit the tourist points. As well as, these books almost always have tips about the place and useful information about transportations, market, etc.
    Another thing I would like to “carry” with me is not possible, but should be… I would “carry” my friends! Yes, nowadays, it is so difficult travel with my friends, even meet them, all together, is difficult. Everyone has your job, your family or boyfriends/ girlfriends… Vacations are no more at the same time as when we were at school. Some friends simply disappear when get into a relationship and family… Well, family is the only excuse valid for the distance.
    Thus, besides my wardrobe and tourism books, if it was possible, I would like to travel with my friends as when we were at school…

  4. Being away from home for a year could be an awesome and interesting experience that I will never forget. I would not missing things but I would miss the company of my family, friends and dogs.
    As I can’t bring my family or my friends with me, if was possible, I would bring my dog. He would make me company and miss less my home.
    In the beginning of the trip I would not have many friends and don’t know any places to go, so I would get my dog and go for a walk on the streets. In this way I would know new places, maybe make new friends and, of course, have the company of somebody I really love. Concluding, I think my dog would be the best option for me for taking an additional thing for my trip.

  5. Arthur da Costa said:

    To be prepared for a trip that would last one year, clothes and personal items are essential stuffs. If I could take one additional thing to that long trip, admitting that would be a backpack trip, jumping from hostels to hostels, I would take my own medicament. In Brazil it was very easy to buy whatever medicament you want at the drugstore without any prescription. The government is trying to change that putting some laws and restricting more every medicament, but still Brazilians always have an away to skip the law.
    I had already the chance stay almost one year abroad. Unfortunately I couldn’t travel that much, but I was with local people who could help me when I was sick and in need of some medicament. I had the bad experience of travelling just with the basic stuff to save me if I would have a cold of something like that. In Europe, not even a medicament against allergic reactions is sold without prescription. The medicament control is something really incredible there and it works.
    For not having those kind of problems, people should always explain the situation to their own doctor and ask for essentials. Once you have already your medicament kit, you may travel. Those long trips, when you visit many places that you don´t even speak the language are very complicated. You may not know the vocabulary to explain what you are feeling and normally one or more days at the hospital means losing a flight, a train making you rearrange everything.

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