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Explain the importance of music in your life. Give reasons and examples to support your answer.

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  1. What would our life be without music? Music is in everywhere and everytime, from the moment you wake up to the time you fall asleep. Have you ever thought about a day in a world without music? I can´t imagine that. Music it´s something very important to my life, and as time goes by I´m more sure of that. I know from my parents that neither baby bottle, nor hot shower and other stuff would made me sleep when I was a baby. The only solution for that was music. My mother used to sing for me and my brother for us fall asleep otherwise she won´t manage that. I can´t remember that but she said that was the same situation as the one at with “baby bob marley”.
    Music is something that relaxes us, and I could realize that while I was in the school. During that time I started to learn electric guitar and music was even more present at my life. In the end of the school, during the university applications, I just could focus at my study while I was listening to music. Nowadays I keep on doing that and I´m dealing well with the university exams.
    My connection with music started when I was a baby with my mum singing to me and keep on until today. I study, drive and work listening to music. As one can see music is really important to my daily life.

  2. Gustavo Barbosa Cleinman said:

    Music is present in my day at almost every time I move from one place to another. It is something I use daily, it is listened when I work. Thus it is an essential part of my life. It may not be as important as it is for a musician, but nonetheless it has an importance for me.
    In my daily routine, I often have to take long rides to get my destinies, and I always do so by public transportation. When I do so, I don’t need to focus on the traffic but this means that I also I have nothing to do on this time. So I need something to help me relax and kill some time. As I feel uncomfortable reading inside the bus, listening music is one of the few things that I can do. So it is what I most do while waiting.
    Another part of my life where I am constantly hearing music is when I am working. Depending on the task that I am performing, music is one of the best ways to control my mood, either relaxing or giving me more focus depending on the genre.
    It is also an important thing when it comes to sports practice, as it can emulate on me, depending on the rhythm, the level of agitation that I want while doing it. I am also very interested in learning more about music, so I am used to search and listen to different ones.
    In this way, I believe I could never say it has minimum importance in my life. By the way, I think in nobody’s life, everybody loves music. It is just a matter of finding the right ones for you.

  3. Vanessa Rodrigues said:

    Music? I think music is more important than myself. Not exactly than myself but for sure it is a continuation of myself.
    The music is in my day since I wake up to the time I go bed. I listen music taking a shower, driving to university, driving home, at the gym and every time I’m alone. Music is my partner for all moments.
    Music is a way to express my feelings too. If I am happy, I will listen happy songs. If I am sad, I will listen sad songs. In others words, you can realize how I am by paying attention to the songs I am listening.
    By the way, I think music is a good topic of discussion. When you don’t know the person and you want to talk, music can be a good subject. You will learn a little of the person and since the beginning you will an idea of her or his likes. Maybe, you can go to a next show together… So, I believe music is an excellent way to introduce yourself and make friends.
    At last, music is important for me because it is present all my days long, it is a way to express my feelings and ideas as well as it is something that can put me and my old or new friends together.

  4. Thais Cunha said:

    Music is something that absolutely makes the difference in different moments in my life; sometimes making then special and memorable, but sometimes making me feel in hell. For me there is nothing better than get up listening to lounge music or Bossa Nova, go to the gym listening to rock and roll or hip hop, lunch with the sound of Popular Brazilian Music, have dinner listening to Jazz and party with dance and pop music!
    In the other hand, a moment can become the worse in my life if the music that is playing is not in accordance with my feelings. I couldn’t imagine myself having dinner while the restaurant is playing an ACDC album; or having breakfast with an OASIS concert being played on the television. It would be indigestible!
    Some songs are so important in my life that every time that are played will make me remind on special moments, friends, family, love… Songs that are able to change my mood, making my day happier just because of the lyrics or the melody; and others that can make me cry. In my opinion, for every moment in my life there is a song or a music style that fits perfectly and it would never be the same without it.

  5. Alcira Tequia said:

    One of the most important things in my life is music. I think is air for my lungs as I very active person I work, I train and I like to go out a lot and in all of this activities music is present. For example, in my regular day I wake up with an alarm, which is one special spanish song, since that second music starts for me, I preparer my self for the gym and my iPod is my training partner. In work sometimes, depending on what I got to do I listen to music from the computer or not. Daily I have to take the train or bus during main traffic hours and music makes me relax during this journey. I could say music help me to overtake things easily and it also change my mood sometimes. This art has the advantage to be made of different sounds and rhythms, which make possible to like to everyone no matter their preferences.

  6. I like music since I was a child. When I was a teenager I started to give more importance to it, because I recognized that if I wanted to really appreciate music I should understand how it works.

    When I was around 12 years old I enrolled in a drums class and then studied both music and the instrument. The only problem was that I couldn’t figure out how I would read all those traces written together in a sheet of paper. I tried harder, but one day I realized that reading music was boring me and I should continue my love case with music only playing drums.

    After I left my drums class I entered in a band with my fellows and that was just great! While I was playing drums with them I could feel the music inside me. This feeling inspired me to start to write songs for us. I didn’t know how to play another instrument although I should imagine they playing in my head while I was composing.

    From there since I can say that music is part of me. I know that when I started to create songs I considered myself more than a listener. Now, I’m a music creator! Because of that I have had a closer relationship with music that will never stop.

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