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#172 “When students move to a new school, they often face many problems.  How can schools help students with their problems? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.”


Comments on: "Independent Writing Task -Problems students face" (3)

  1. Vanessa Rodrigues said:

    Moving to a new school is facing a new world. The problem is that this new world is just new for you. Usually, there are many closed students groups and lack of bureaucracy information.
    It is healthy be with persons that you like, your friends. However, should be nice meet different persons. The schools can help the new students if they have changeable classes. The idea is simple: if your friends are not at the same class you are, you will try to make new friends or, at least, know the persons who are studying with you.
    Other problem is the lack of information, mainly bureaucracy information. I think it should be helpful if the schools gather the students with something like a manual, giving instructions and all sort of stuff that they probably will need. It can be printed in paper, or, to avoid costs, should be access on the schools website.
    I believe de vital idea is try to get the new student used to not only the school, but also the other students and the school atmosphere.

  2. Move to a new school can be a big change in your life, specially if this is happening with kids. The person doesn’t know anybody in this new environment and can be the target of bullying.
    It’s up to school to try to integrate the new kid to the other students and follow her until she is totally integrated. This could avoid a lot of bad situations.
    A good thing is to try to develop activities and competitions between kids, or even make rides out of school, so they can have the chance to know each other better.
    Concluding, the school has a big role on the integration between old and new kids. If they are not following and advising the new students, they can be lonely and start to suffer bullying.

  3. Schools could offer different ways to help students with facing problems when they are moving to a new school. Plenty of them have a great structure and can take an advantage of that to aid these students. Further, they can organize supportive actions beyond their structure. The main problems that could being solved with such actions include lack of friends, difficult in specific subjects and not being familiar with the area that schools is situated.

    Sometimes new school means no friends. Although the schools can organize events to promote integration between new studens and veterans. As an example, they could make barbecues, parties and trips.

    Some schools have different subjects or different ways to teach therefore new students may find difficult to learn specific classes. To solve this problem the school could offer support classes and stimulate study groups. For foreign students, local language classes would be helpful.

    An information center or a website should support new students to get useful information about the community around the school. That way they could get information like where to find a bus stations, places to eat etc.

    New students want to be part of their schools but that could just be achieved with a support provided by their own schools. Once they feel confortable there, they will be ready to get more of it what result in making friends and improving their grades.

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