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Urban legends

Here is the task:

Visit one of these sites and choose a legend that interests you. Take notes on the story and post your notes in the Comments box.



Comments on: "Urban legends" (3)

  1. Alcira Alejandra Tequia said:

    I chose the science urban legend. In this opportunity, the text is about a gang whose sell human organs on the black market. Specifically, a narrated story of an Ohio man who went to Las Vegas to a convention and got blacked out by an attractive woman, who at the end took one his kidneys while he was unconsciousness.
    As we have read, a lot of times, urban legends are written to scare or entertain people, they do not exist but if the story keeps going from one person to another, it would be at least believed by some of them. For me, if human organs traffic would be true, there will not be any person who could resist this kind of clandestine process and tell the story. This type of surgery does not have the medical conditions to keep one person alive. Even when one organ is taken from a human as a donation and transplant in a hospital, the donor and receiver has to follow certain health caring before and after the operation. Otherwise, they will not survive. In conclusion, urban legends could true as far as people is misinformed about some topics.

  2. Gustavo Barbosa Cleinman said:

    Taking a look on I found the page related to film legends the most interesting one. It is one of the biggest in terms of examples and, by my research, is also one that has more legends that are actually true, and others that are partially.
    I, pretty much, liked one about “Raiders of the Lost Ark” which states as true the fact the scene where Harrison Ford shot a skilled warrior wielding a scimitar was done in such way, because he was having dysentery and did not want to shoot a three day scene.

  3. These two seem hard to assess – urban legends that are highly feasible. Thanks so much for the contributions.

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