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Shy, insecure, inhibited, awkward or ill-at-ease? What is the best way to meet people socially?

Read the article (click here) and:

  1. list the main features of these new applications available for smart phones
  2. say whether you would use these applications or not by giving reasons for your answer.

Post your answers in the Comments box.


Comments on: "Apps for socially awkward people" (2)

  1. Alcira Tequia said:

    1. The recents applications for smart phones to meet people are:
    -Tap Scene
    In the article they also mentioned twitter, foursquare and Facebook, but these social networks have been in the social midia for few years.

    2- I would not use social networks to get to know people, i think this new strategy could be dangerous and scary. A person who is behind a computer just writting could be lying or exaggerating aspects of his/ her personality to be accepted. I could define myself as “old school” and outgoing person, i like the natural way to meet somebody, face to face, having a personal conversation where i could analyze looks, gestures and thoughts. In another way, i do not regard if people think the opposite, all depens in what kind of person you are.

  2. Gustavo Barbosa Cleinman said:

    The evolution and massive spread of internet and smartphones apps are bringing a new way of socialization for people. Now, they allow virtual acquaintances to become real friends, at least that is what they promise.
    New apps being developed permit that users to know in advance who is in place, how is the place at moment and so on. These apps serve as well for socially awkward people to hang out more easily, helping them in the ice breaking situations. Three of the newest ones are Sonar, SceneTap and Assisted Serendipity. Each one focuses on a different aspect for people going out and thus fill different needs.
    The first one allows users to identify friends and acquaintances in real places based on yours online social networks, so you don’t have to be afraid of getting alone and isolated where you are. SceneTap, basically, gives you an instant overview of a place that you intend to go. It tells you, besides basic information about the place, the number of people inside, age and sex. The last one is meant for insecure people regarding their cloths. It is a social network where others can give opinions about your outfit.
    In my opinion these are interesting tools, but I don’t see myself using them for two reasons. First, I am not someone who stays the whole day connected, and don’t believe it is even healthy to do so. And second, these apps require and overexposure of someone and I rather maintain some privacy. And if I eventually need, there will always be a friend who uses such things.

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