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#175 – Some students like classes where teachers lecture (do all of the talking) in class. Other students prefer classes where students do some of the talking. Which type of class do you prefer? Give specific reasons and details to support your choice.

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Maximum length: 300 words

Comments on: "Independent Writing task – Type of class you prefer" (4)

  1. Marianna Simões said:

    Teaching has always been difficult, considering that students, specially the teenagers ones, don’t usually drive their attention to something for a are long period of time. Some claim that this is because of the age, since the mind is boggling with to many things at the same time. Educators have tried many ways to turn classes more interesting. Two of the most common ways are: lectures, when teacher do all the talking, and classes where students do some of the talking. In my point of view classes where students have to interact and talk inn the class is better for some reasons listed above.
    Firstly, when a student is asked to participate in a class, by talking, he has to drive his attention steadly for what is being approached, because, if he does not he will probably say something wrong. And if he does, he is likely to suffer some kind of bullying by his classmates.
    Secondly, it makes the class more interesting, for the reason that students can share their opinion and ideas about the subject.
    Thirdly, sharing their points of view and opinions, is much likely to make the students build their own ideas about the approached subject.
    Summing up, I think that once being in a class, that in some way, is free of constraint of ideas and speach, and they can also be discussed turns class much interesting and lighter.

  2. Classes where students do some of the talking is much more useful for them. In classes where only teacher speaks is not the ideal because it didn’t give the chance for the students to practice the “speaking”. Sometimes the students know the meaning of the word and how to use it but they don’t know how to pronounce it. The classes will give them the chance to learn it and, of course, to practice how to hold a conversation. And also if somebody is interacting and speaking it makes the classes more dynamic and better to hold your attention. Concluding, it is much more useful, everybody learns more.

  3. Alcira Alejandra Tequia said:

    I prefer when teacher shares all his knowledge with the students, and of course when we as students interact with him about certain topics. It works better when each part has the opportunity to bring out questions, ideas, comments and so on. As much as we can share information, the class will be interesting. I do not like spending time in things that does not belong to our line because it is a waste of time, money and information. I do not refer to have classes like in a military school but we could make the most of our time.

  4. I personally prefer the classes that the teacher give some space to the students to talk. There are some reasons for this and I’ll list just three of them.

    First, I think that with the internet, the global connections and the information access that anyone can have nowadays it’s kind of naive the teacher thinks that he or she is the only one to now about any subject. Of course he searched more about it but probably a student can add something important to the class.

    Second, I believe that the teacher need a feedback to improve their teaching. Sure, he can see how he’s going and he’s been understand by the students with he let them talk.

    Third, the class become more attractive for the class with they can participate, interact and be listened. This sure avoid the sleepy students and increase the participation and interested for the subject that the teacher it’s trying to talk about.

    Dynamic classes have more attendance that the classes that the teacher only talks for some reason. I sincerely think that the majority have the same opinion as me, that the teacher don’t have always the only theory or the right opinion about a subject. He sure will learn new standpoints if he just listen more.

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