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Explain fasting as a means to increase spirituality.

Some important facts about fasting:

  1. It has roots in many religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Eastern religions, to name a few.
  2. Its general purpose: to increase spirituality and to come closer to the divine
  3. Some of its benefits include:
  • breaking attachment to material things
  • speaking out against consumption and materialism
  • quintessential to spiritual well-being
  • replenishment of the soul
  • spiritual revigoration
  • escape valve from daily life

What, in your opinion, is the connection between fasting and spirituality?

Comments on: "Fasting – a question of Faith?" (5)

  1. Heloisa Ramos said:

    People from different religious like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and several Eastern religions believes that fasting is a way to increase their spiritually and to come closer to the divine. By depriving themselves from eating, they abdicate desires, pleasures and materialism to be more aware of the spiritual world. That’s when they start to change their focus by paying attention to what really matters in spiritual life.
    The benefits are several. We can escape from the problems and concerns that surround us in our daily life and this way our life can be less stressful, we learn to give less value to consumption and our futilities, we improve our spiritual well-being and we strengthen our spirit and soul, to name a few.
    Although the meaning of fasting is do not eat for a period of time, some people believe they can do fasting by stopping to do anything that give them pleasure like having sex, watch television, sleep and others.
    No matter the kind of fasting that is a manner to disconnect you from the outside and to be more connect to your inner man. But don’t misunderstand. Fasting don’t draw God closer to you, but gets you closer to God.

  2. I believe that fasting is an old or a radical practice of punishment. There are a lot of different religions and beliefs. Each person thinks in a different way, but it is totally harmful to your health stay for a long period without eat or drink. When something starts to be prejudicial to your life it can’t be good. It is too radical and this didn’t bring you more spirituality. If you want to have more spirituality in your life you should be helpful, charitable and donate not only things, but your attention and your love for people that needs that. This will bring you a lot more of spirituality than fasting.

  3. Gustavo Barbosa Cleinman said:

    The way religion was built in the ancient times, as well as it is done now, was meant to give explanations about what people couldn’t understand in the world around them, as well as to give a meaning about life. With this came the believe of something beyond ourselves and a sense that as humans we all share a common fate, as well as an origin. The religions were also built as the first moral code of the societies, with fundamental rules to make life in society possible and prosperous.
    These kinds of sentiment lead, in most religions, to a basic preach of being good one to another and that life is a step in a bigger course. Therefore it has brought the teaching of simplicity to people. Because this life is not permanent, so there is no point in accumulating goods, and as way to avoid social attritions due to envy and over exploration of one to another.
    Thus, this basic principle, lead finally to preach not having much and to abstinence of things that might encourage someone to wish to have more. For this reason the fasting was introduced in several religions as a way to contain people, show humility and in a way keep peace among everyone.
    This principle is so important that even today, when many religions have lost much of the power that they used to have, it is still preached in others ideologies such as socialism one, and the most recent one which cares about the green, the “ecologism”.

  4. Alcira Alejandra Tequia said:

    Spirituality is a mature step for human being. In this case, if it refers to religion, there are many practices that involve many sacrifices and fasting.
    For example, Islam religion believe in fasting “ from foods, drinks, intimate intercourse and smoking, before the break of the dawn till sunset, during the entire month of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic year”
    They truly consider that fasting has a power to develop the real spirituality that their religion deserves, some of their meaning are:
    • Sincere Love because they give up something they like for God.
    • It equips man with a creative sense of hope and an optimistic outlook on life.
    • It imbues in man the genuine virtue of effective devotion.
    I picked up this one, just to bring an example of a different and orthodox religion. Now if I write about my religion we also suppose to practice some fasting but it is a free choice we could make. In my family we avoid eating meat during easter time. Because we believe that our soul must be free and clean from the blood of others, in this point we mean animals. We do this for solemnity of the passion and death of Jesus Christ.
    In my opinion, we must give up something we really like so we can learn to appreciate what certain things mean in life. When you reach to that point it is a spiritual moment with yourself that could give you the answer to many things or questions that are around you. It also could be taken as a moment of reflection about life and changes.

  5. Non-Religious people normally think that fasting is a crazy idea that have nothing to do with spiritualization. I’m not a religious person but I understand the sacrifice and the symbolism of fasting in some religions. I have some reasons to support that fasting have a strong connection with spirituality.

    First, no doubt that fasting is considered an important act of faith in religions like Judaism, Christianity, Jainism and many others. Since ancient ages people abstaining food or some types of them for a period of time to show that they are capable to sacrifice for what they believe. This act maybe look a little old-fashioned and no-reason nowadays but, if you consider that the idea of fasting is from centuries ago this make sense, It’s like a tradicional way to show this for everyone.

    Second, the act of fasting it’s, of course, a way to reach the limits of your body. This is really representative in some religions that connects body and soul, specially in the Orient. For this religions, the spirituality come from this sacrifices to the body, and this make the fasting so important to them.

    At least, I sure understand that test your body with fasting can be unhealthy and even lethal, but this don’t invalidate the connection between the spirituality and the fasting, or any other sacrifice that is considered an act of faith. I respect that and understand the connection.

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