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Your task for this weekend:

Practice Set 4: Integrated Writing.

Refer to the blog post on the same topic by clicking here.

Please post your answers in the Comments box. Give yourself 20 minutes and write no more than 200 words.

Comments on: "TOEFL iBT Integrated Writing practice" (4)

  1. Marianna Simões said:

    Both lecture and article discuss the same problem, that is medical reserach performed on animals, which may be called sometimes as vivisection.
    The article firstly shows that the procedure of experimenting new medical treatments on animals are perfectly able and necessary and at the same time not harmfull to the animal, since there are techniques to reduce the animal pain, such as anesthesia, by other words not inflicting cruelty. Secondly, it says that there are some drugs that are more efective testing on animals, bearing in mind that our genes are highly similar to other species, such as chimpanzees, so it would be a better way to simulate the human organism effect. It also gives some examples to illustrate the effectivines of the tests 1. Louis Pasteur with the germ theory, using experiment on chikens; 2. Penicillin tested on rabbits and mices 3. insulin tested on dogs.
    The lecture contradicts in many ways the article. Firstly, the teacher tals about White’s article, which says that many discoveries on the medicin were done without the use of animal tests, such as quinene and aspirin. Secondly, it shows that many medicenes may show opposite effects on animals, in example we have the morfin that on the contrary estimulates cats, and the aspirin that shows no effect on horses. She also talks about the anesthesia that are most of the times left aside, and there is no concerning with the well being of the animal through the experimentation. She strongly admonish the procedure.
    Summing up, both, lecture and article try to expose as many as points that might support or not the use of animals to test madical treatments. Although, it still a non-resolved issue.

  2. Alcira Alejandra Tequia said:

    I did not understand how it works, but i guess the last lecture is the one i suppose to comment, so i present my point of view.

    Religions is not my prefered theme to discuss about. In my opinion, each person has differents believes and choices. Actually, i am catholic but i do not like to go to church, i truly believe there is something that we call God, it could be defined as an energy, spirit, someone or something. It depens on the type of religion we practice and the name given into it.

    In my case, i like to pray, i believe in God, i do my best to follow his word. Also i have been my entire life in catholic schools even university but i do not feel it is not enough for me to believe in church. I do not support the idea that someone has to go to an especific place to ask for mercy or to be forgiven. Religion is motivation and inspiration for us. We thank for the good moments, we ask for help in others.

    As humans we must believe in something or someone, it does not matter the way, name, time or requirements. I respect all types of opinions. I just think religion is like politic, there is not one truth and no one is right.

  3. Are the responses evaluaed? Coz i don’t see any responses to the replies posted

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