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#173 It is said that borrowing money from a friend can harm or damage the friendship. Do you agree? Why or why not? Use reasons and specific examples to explain your answer.


Comments on: "Independent Writing Task – Borrowing money from a friend" (3)

  1. Its a desagreable circunstance to borrow money from a friend, but when the friendship is real, your friend will help you. Althought, someboady prefer pay many taxes for banks instead of to lose the friendship, but when cant pay, they lose oneself, and lose the possibilities of be helping. Like the citation, you can harm or damage the friendship, but you make this, only if you put your friend in a bad position, like dont pay or get more due. Otherwise, real friend is a person who helps you when you need. Real friends are brothers. Banks and other types of assistance taxes a lot, expend a lot of ways to make you with a lot of due, a lot of stress. I prefer help a friend, instead of saw him stressed, and lose. Friendship is a win-win situation, without taxes, without bill.

  2. Re-send my real e-mail.

  3. Ana Paula Pereira said:

    I strong believe that friends should be friends in any situation and if the friendship is based on mutual confidence, respect, and commitment, money can not harm or damage it.
    If you trust in your friend, you would not worry about the possibility of not have your money back. And even if it happens, you would be able to talk about the problem and find a solution that works good for both. Respect and commitment are the relantionship’s key. And when money is the subject, it assumes a very important role.
    I’ve already lent money to close friends and have not had any problem. It has happened twice.
    The first time,I had to take money from my saving account to lend to my friend. Before, We have had an honest conversation, when I told her my deadline to have my money back and advised her if she had any problem we should be able to discuss about it again.
    The second time, although I had money available on my bank account, I was counting on that money to pay my expenses. But when my friend told me about her problem, I have not thought twice and ended up lending money to her. In this case, she could not give me the money back the date we scheduled, but she told me in advance and we could reschedule it.
    In both situations, I have not had my friendship spoiled. It shows that if the commitment, respect and confidence are present in a relation, we can get along with any kind of subject, as money.

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