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#174 Every generation of people is different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents’ generation? Use specific reasons and examples to explain your answer.


Comments on: "Independent Writing Task – Different generations" (3)

  1. Ana Paula Pereira said:

    Every generation has its caracheristcs that can be recognizaded in the future for its marks.And depending on how distant they are, the differences are more evident.
    Comparing my generation to my parent’s generation, which has three decades between them, it is not hard to cite some contrast in many areas. One of them is related to the sexuality. Nowadays this subject is not a tabu as it used to be in the past, and in some countries it is a regular subject teaching at schools. Another example is regarding to women’s professions. Thirty years ago nowbody could predict that a woman could be a pilot or a country president, because at that time women were supposed to be a spouse who had to take care of her husband and her children. As the time goes by, people and their behavours change and it reflects in the society. So what is once considered unpredictable or unacceptable would be a common situation in the future.

  2. We could only accept the proposition that our generation is substantially different from our parents’ generation if we admit that society really changed in values and perspectives after a certain cultural process. A generation is not only characterized from a merely chronological assumption.

    In big cities of western countries we really perceive a more explicit contrast between generations, because our contemporary urban civilization is based on the modern idea of progress and evolution, and this idea influences the behavior of the average citizen, leading him/her to judge that the generation which he/she belongs to is more developed and close to the “truth” than the previous ones. On the other hand, in other kinds of societies, such as isolated rural communities or villages in eastern parts of the globe, we notice a tendency that points to a maintenance of traditional cultural values where conflicts between generations are attenuated.

    From my personal perspective, I ironically believe that since human beings are quite different from each other, it’s unnecessary or redundant thinking about more differences than the unavoidable ones.

  3. Marianna Simões said:

    The world goes constantly through changes that creates different generations. The breakthroughs of each era contributes a lot to this sort of “segmentation in stages” of society that are very well highlighted by the way young people dress, talk, think and even eat.
    My generation is clearly different from my parents in all of those aspects. But I would say mainly on the way we think. Although there’s still sexism, is much easier accept a successful woman, or a single mother nowadays than it was in the 70’s. We cite, for instance the way woman are fighting for their rights in the middle east, something that would be unimaginable decades ago. Also the way we deal with the environment, although we still extracting unmeasurably, we are running for new ways of using natural resources, what 30 years ago, was thought to be unnecessary. The society, in a global way, has changed the values.
    Nowadays, we have a lot more freedom to express what we think inside our home, more freedom of speach, since my parents were raised by people that lived during the war, my grandparents.
    To sum up, in my point of view, generations will continue to exist, being created by trends of the moment. Surely the future generation will have a very different prespective of many things that we may find “ok” or not nowadays, for that we must continue to change.

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