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#178 The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think the new century has brought and will still bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

Time: 30 minutes

Length: 300 words (maximum)


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  1. The 21st century has brought a lot of modifications to the western society, and the most prominent of this modifications maybe is related to our sense of time.

    Since the end of 19th century our civilizational and organic perception of time has been sped up, because of the new functions that the industrial and post-industrial model of economic activity demand. During all the last century, we noticed a gradual increase in diversity of activities, part of them involving the following statement: “Time is money”. The development of cyber technology has also brought the society to new challenges, because everyone has to be “updated” in order to face our difficult and competitive world. Some scholars in sociology say that the maximum development of the technological tools may lead us to a state in which we’ll be able to have free time for our spiritual and ludic activities. They mean that if the world becomes fully mechanized and the tasks are very well distributed, we would have to work only few hours a day, enjoying the rest of it. I don’t know if this very optimistic prophecy corresponds to the future reality, but I’m rooting for that! On the other hand, a pessimistic vaticination about our future could say that in the future there will be a terrible unemployment caused by an almost complete “technomechanization”. Wait and see…

    The 21st century has come also with a shade of hope. If you pay attention to some cultural movements, you will perceive that there is a certain revalorization of the traditional cultures all over the world, showing that archaic aspects of our lives may share space with our most daring innovations. It’s the post-modern world! And I hope that human being remembers that there are a lot of thing more important than making money.

  2. The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think the new century has brought and will still bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

    What I think is the major change in the 21st century, that still happening is the communication revolution. What I call communication revolution is the changes in the way the people talk to each other, friends or not. I can give some examples to show what I’m talking about. Some years ago was a difficult and slow process talk to a friend that is living in another country. You needed to use letters, which were shipped and took sometimes more than a month to be received.
    Now, you can still use letters, but if you need to talk with someone immediately you can do it with your cell phone, that have Skype and you just pay some cents.
    Another change that the communication revolution brings is the possibility to talk for your one. Examples are the blogs. If a person write some tales or poetry in the 19st century, he needed to wait an editor to support him and them be published in a paper book with few copies in a limited area. Today, any writer (or not) can publish anything in a blog and anyone can read it, no matter where the readers are.

    In conclusion, these changes in communication were probably unthinkable some decades ago and now are everywhere. And the possibility to talk more easily with your friends and with the world affects the society drastically. And what is happening now it’s just the beginning.

  3. Ana Paula Pereira said:

    The 21st century has begun and has brought important changes for the society. The development of the internet and the robotic area can be considered good examples of this metamorphose. They represent an unmeasurable impact on our daily life. The Internet has changed forever the way people see the world and interact with each other. The second example is not so obvious and may not be perceived easily by everybody, but it has brought important progress for deep oil exploitation area. The use of robot permits to achieve very deep areas in the ocean, whereas the human being can not afford this.
    Nobody can accurate predict how far these innovations can go, but what we can say now, based on, how fast the technology has been developed is that the sky is the limit.

  4. New century: synonyn of tecnology, conectivity, social mídia, comunication, velocity, but the poverty, the sick kids already persist. The new century not yet brought the space oddisea,not yet brought the câncer or aids cure, but still bring the ipad, iPod 10 generation and reduce the distance between the world. If we compare this centure with others of the history, there’s most scientific, like iluminism. Bill Gates is the new DaVinci, Internet is the new art capable of transcending people to others sites. Nanotecnology is the new terapy that run into corps and intervention is the new surgery that makes cure without incision. War is without blood. Child born with a chip in her arms. That’s fantastic, but people died of poverty, hungery, thirst. África, brookling, rocinha are miserables yet. The new century might empower people.

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