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Can the recent floods and tragedies in Rio, Sao Paulo and Brisbane, Australia be prevented?

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  1. Marianna Simões said:

    Lately there has been many natural disasters in metropolis around the world, literally from Brazil to Japan, Floods, landslides, hurricanes, have damaged many cities hitherto, causing damages in many levels on it’s society. Although I strongly believe in climate changes, I reckon that the unmeasurable problems that this cities has gone through are much more due to reckless government. Not that much for developed countries, such as Australia and Japan, that have scape routes and are prepared to take care of the damages, but for third world countries, such as Brazil and Chile has become a “daily issue” to deal with floods. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.
    First and foremost, the lack of comitment to programs that create decent sanitary service in this places is pretty clear. Uniting this, with increasingly number of the slums, what certainly contributes with a big deal of garbage on the streets and rivers, clogging the drains in town, leading to flood.
    Secondly, the population must take responsability over the problem, and do their share with recycling, separating the garbage, since mnay of these materials contributes to clog drains and rivers.
    Thirdly, people must think twice while voting. Many governors that have the capacity to prommess great constructions that will create ways to finish with the floods, and also the population that, with the lacking of option, end up voting for the same politician every year, post ponning the progress.
    Last but not least important, there must be created more strict laws concerning sanitary services, regulation of money destinated to help people that looses many important assets with the tragedies.
    In a word, the tragedies can be prevented. However the population must have a more proactive attitude, with recycling for instance. Taking the responsability and knowing how to demand from the govern their promisses.

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