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#174 “Every generation of people is different in several ways. How is your generation different from your parents’ generation? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.”

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  1. People generations are on continuous change over the years. Our generation have so many differences than the generation of our parents. The culture, the time context and the new ways to live are crucial on make the diferences between generations. The recent generation, calls regeneration Y or millennials, is influenced by the advanced technology, the flexibility of social structures and finally they are more realistic people than their parents.

    The generation Y born on the start of internet boom and when grew up the development of eletronical era. Meanwhile, these inovations proved to this generation another way of living. Information can be reached by one click, reducing the time and the energy spent to achieve their own objectives. Our parents had much less information to lead with and process, it allows them to be specialists on specific areas. In other hand, the millennials can lead and work with a large sort of things, but often with less knowledge of the specificities.

    When we think about the work, jobs of the gen Y are more dynamic, the hierarquical structure of companies are more flexible than the older ones. It´s common, our fathers were working their entire life to be promoted. The millennials can get opportunities to be rich and/or sucessfull on a short peoriod of time, it´s shows how the actual society is much more competitive. Moreover, the production are based on information and machines provide a scale of productivity never seen in the past.

    Despite of these things, the gen Y are more realistic. They know which is their position in the world and how they can contribute on their society. The technology, especially the internet, opens a window to share your experiences and their thoughts. Their idols aren´t the most popular at all and they often build up their lives with own efforts.

    In conclusion, the millennials shows how converges technology, flexibility and realistic view of the world in the same generation. Contrasting with their parents, they use this aspects to achieve their objectives. Futhermore, they are the results of the developments from the last generation and, over the differences, they are begining to construct their own society.

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