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It’s all about undies

Are these security checks (click here) a form of sexual harrassment or are Americans too paranoid?

List the reasons why experts think the new underwear is ineffective. What do you think is the best way to guarantee security without being invasive?


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  1. According to the video, that uncommon underwear could be useful to protect the body from the TSA machines´ radiation.

    Meanwhile, according to the TSA, the arguments against to this underwear are:
    1) Could interfere on security scanning process;
    2) Scan´s radiation isn´t harmful;

    The question is: how far the security actions can be used and in what way?

    The security activity is a controversial issue, especially on airports and public places around the world. Identify people with criminal evidences is very difficult. Scans were developed with this idea “don´t touch the passenger” and it has been showed that it´s an efficient instrument.
    Perhaps, the best way to provide security is using scans and improving the information about passengers on flights, especially the international ones.
    Of course, I´d preferred that a world without crimes and violence, but it isn´t what I see every day on journals.

  2. 13:52
    TSA security check is starting to be adopted in many airports around the world. The TSA security machine can photograph and scan someone through all clothes and underwear. North Americans are now discussing if this kind of security check is a form of sexual harassment. In my opinion the North Americans are too paranoid about the topic.

    Special Underwear to hide private body parts from the TSA machine is now available in some shops. The TSA machine can’t scan through this underwear. The special underwear’s producer and retail shops state that the underwear is made to protect against harmful machine’s rays. However, for airports and the TSA there is no danger associated to the machine exposition. In addition, passengers wearing this underwear are going to be asked to remove it.

    The security issue in airports is very important and necessary. New ways to overcome airport security are being developed. Airports must conterattack improving their security. Main problems related are not only terrorism but also drug and weapon traffic and illegal cash operations. An underwear that can hide body parts can also hide drugs for example. Some drugs can be very small such as a piece of paper or very concentrated.

    I see no reason to the use of special underwear if it is scientificaly proved that the TSA machine is not dangerous to health. A good way to guarantee security without being invasive is to contract or training new employee to operate the machine. Specialists such as doctors, nurses or technitians who are used to deal with nude patients and are ethically trained for this purpose. I reckon that is an easy way to overcome this problem and there is no reason to make it a sexual harassment issue.

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