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#176 Holidays often honor people or events. If you could create a holiday, what person or event would it honor and how would you want people to celebrate it? Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

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    If I could create a holiday in Brazil, the person it would honor is Zilda Airns. Zilda was a Brazilian volunteer leader of many humanitarian aid groups all over the world. During a humanitarian work in Cuba, she died in an earthquake that stroke violently the country leaving to many deaths. A holiday in her birthday or in the day of the disaster would be a good way to celebrate the importance of the social effort to bring good quality of life to excluded people.

    Zilda Airn’s holiday would help Brazilian society to remember how great was her work. Most people usually don’t remember to fight against the povetry. In Zilda Airn’s holiday people should be encouraged to make at least one good action aiming at to help someone who really need it.

    Examples of good actions are donating clothes to Aid institutions such as the Salvation Army or volunteering in Non Governmental Organizations such as the Red Cross. Everyone can use his own knowledge to help. Private doctors can go to one of the crowded Brazilian’s public hospitals to improve quality and to make the lines faster. Cuisine chef’s can elaborate best meals even using cheap ingredients. Engineers together with city planners can think in how to solve the homeless problem setting at least temporary shelters.

    There is no such holiday in Brazil. Many times holidays have weak reasons to exist and no practical benefit to society. In Rio the Janeiro for example, there are two holidays celebrating the city: its creation and its saint protector. I live in Rio de Janeiro and I seldom see people remembering why are these holidays important.

    Concluding, If I could create a holiday would be the Zilda Airn’s holiday in memory of one of greatest Brazilians who ever lived. This holiday is also a practical way to make people remember the importance of helping others in order to build a great society.

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