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#178 – The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer. 


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  1. This new Century at the beginning will be seen only as a number because changes are usually progressive. Still, some expectations were implanted in people’s mind, like some said in 2001 the Earth would be destroyed.
    The truth is that we hope some ortodox perspecives can be discussed. We hope that, leaving behind money and culture issues, our planet can grown in a more social direction.
    At first, because of the 20th Century traditions, some issues like the search for Oil can make the process slow down and even be the reason for disagreements. Global Warming is an old problem and world’s economicts must start listening to
    those who know our planet is suffering from all this search for fuel. This new perspective will improve the guality of life.
    Second, tecnology and others sciences will grown fast but it will help all areas, instead of reaplacing the actual human work.
    Finally, countries will not use their cultures as an excuse to mantain distance from others. Economy will grown as well as social behavior. Countries will help each other and justice will prevail so World Peace won’t be a dream anymore.

  2. 14:34
    The 21st century has begun. The changes for this century are related to how humans are going to deal with technological advances and ethics.

    We should see the new changes brought by this century as a development of our society across the time. The Industrial Revolution on second half of the 18th century was a mark point that changed the relationship of human kind and nature. From two centuries ago to the present, society advanced in most fields of knowledge: politics, engineering, communications, physics, transport and new sources of combustibles, social sciences, biology, psychology and others. The result was the improvement in general population’s quality of life.

    On last century the main question to be answered was how to make the advancements. Questions related to this topic are: 1) How to figure out strategies to produce new tecnologies in a global scale; 2) How much investment is required to be on the top of the scientific production and advances; 3) How to improve tecnology and for example to produce more potent and precise bombs, best cell phones, more powefull and smaller computers or more desirable cars.

    The changes on the last century are a solidified reality now in the present. The fields of knowledge described before are still advancing. Many times scientific ficcion was right and dreams became true. For example the movies on the 60’s showing robots working for humans or animals modified genetically.

    However, the biggest change to happen in the present century is not the scientific advance but the discussion of how to use the new tecnology. Will our society agree to make babies genetically modified? Will our society share tecnology to improve quality of life for very poor people? Is it fair to exist few ones living in a very confortable way, enjoying the benefits of new tecnologies , at the same time that more than half of the planet is starving? How the nations are going to share the environmental resources to produce new tecnologies now is fully understood that this resources are finite? These questions are examples of changes coming to the 21th century where most of ethics questions are not yet solved but in urge.

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